Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Just goes to show how wrong a bloke can be. I thought my posts may have been leaning a little bit too far right and pro business lately and perhaps it's time that I did a post in support of the environment and a bit of social comment. All in the name of balance of course.

Well lo and behold, along comes a commentator on Indo Matters who "outs me" and my meager scribblings as "gunk" with "cultural marxist undercurrents". Well "GUNK" is probably a fair description, marxist undercurrents?? Oh well, its so Manchurian Candidate(the original not the one where business replaces the evil commies), I just never knew.

I haven't had such a good chuckle since the pictured comment below and thought I would share the joy!..cheers

"Seriously, Achmad, I do not pick on people, unless they are very infantile people who mix into adult debate. They should be seen and not heard if they cannot hold a steady discussion without the sort of tantrums evinced in the post just above this.
I do not let temper dictate my posts, but type them equably, addressing civilised critics in a civilised manner. However, I reserve the right to make exceptions of little reds like Ogglet, who first made my acquaintance with the greeting ’sac of pus’ in another thread. That was his sophisticated analysis of a theory supported by many historians, notably the Dutchman Dake, and which accords with all that’s known of communist practice everywhere.
I must express surprise at your claim that he is not a commie, or fellow-traveller, but then, as you say, ‘reading is different from understanding.’ I shall take you at your word also, and assume you read all his gunk yet did not see the cultural marxist undercurrents. (like his last throwaway phrase on J. Edgar Hoover- types like Ogglet usually parrot the Comintern smear about Hoover, regardless of the fact it was a figment of some NKVD agents’s imagination.)"

Anyway I have to go now, I feel this strange urge to throw away 40 years of hard work and hand over all my assets to the state and work on a collective.

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Achmad Sudarsono said...

As the Blog says, Oigal, I tell it like it is!