Thursday, November 22, 2007

The Plastic Ocean

Now back to our regular holiday feature. One of the more pleasing aspects of the trip was the the complete lack of plastic bags and rubbish whereever we went along the Great Ocean Road. In fact, you could not buy or even get a plastic bag at the super market, you had to bring your own or pay for one their cloth bags (probably made in Indonesia). Anyone who has lived in Indonesia will know how the most common form of ocean life is the black and white plastic bags, closely followed by those triffords of the water industry, the plastic cup.

Unlike some of the expensive and no-effect changes proposed by the Climate Change Shriekers, whose sole effect in Indonesia has been to allow morally bankrupt businessmen to gut thousands of acres of forest in the name of climate saving eco-fuels (??!!). I can see nothing but good coming from an Indonesian wide ban on plastic bags and their ilk.

Why not holday in Indonesia? Well we do regularly, but to access somewhere pristine with a reasonable amount of infrastructure (Back - packing is for those people who don't any better) is becoming more and more difficult..although still open to suggestions.

More pictures tomorrow

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