Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Hi all,

Been a bit idle lately with the blogging, although as can been seen from the picture far far better things to do. Bit of a trip to Victoria and toured the great Ocean Road, was a cold but fantastic trip.

Of course every trip has its downside, we meet our first fair dinkum aussie racist who strangely enough works (or manages? Who knows, he never had the guts to introduce himself properly)at an Anglesea Holiday Park. Its a strange world when these kind of idiots can get jobs in the tourist industry. It is always a bit of challenge when you run across these bottom feeders. Do you rear up and piss on them to at least make them smell like a man and risk leaving your loved ones alone whilst you cool your heels in Gaol, or do you just ignore the driftwood of life?

Meanwhile, the Australian Election is now a week away. With the twerp Rudd getting a dream run from the media and actually getting away with making statements for the economic future such as "Australia could become fund managers for chinese investors in Latin America". Who said the Looney Australian Labour Party of old was gone! Of course the habitual liar Howard is doing all he can to stay in power, flinging money around like a mad woman's shit.

Still, personally I cannot lose! If the union driven, Labour Party gets the nod, the aussie dollar will fall back to 50 cents to the USD and my USD wage looks a lot lot better. If the liar, but pro business Howard gets in, the economy will continue to go from strength to strength and my job opportunities will expand even more than they already have.

What else,.. Ah yes even in secular Australia, the "believers" are still scamming the poor bloody taxpayer. The NSW government is about to wear a $100 million bill for an upcoming visit from the King Condom Hater Pope Whatever Who Cares. Just goes to prove we all still have a long way to go to escape the clutches of the self appointed, self important and self delusional speakers for the various GODs of the Gaps.

Back in Indonesia I see we have been living up to our tolerant and inclusive image with more intimidation and arrests of people who happen to follow a different witchdoctor than the rest. Way to go lads!

ASEAN...Laugh..joke time (unless you are from Burma)

And lastly, Drugs in Sport. As a former sportsman of no repute but much effort, I have no sympathy for Drug Cheats and believe it is no laughing matter. However this comment made me laugh:

European Tour Chief Executive George O'Grady suggesting (tongue in cheek)that drug testing in Golf could be limited to Tiger Woods

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Anonymous said...

How about spelling the ALP correctly? It is LABOR. The LABOUR party is British.