Thursday, January 31, 2008


“Desperate remorse swallows the present in a quenchless rage.”

Tis coming to pass, the vile whispers, the dearth of emails from the powers that be, the all pervading stench of rat, no good can of come of this.

Although we have made money it would appear that evil sub race collectly known as accountants have convinced the senile McDucks that Indonesia may not be the best place to be, or at least the best place to be in the current form (although to be fair the inane, bizarre, inept antics of customs, tax and the courts hardly do anything to help). Is there anything more vile than a bean counter who has never seen where the beans are made?

The stump is fighting a desperate rear guard action although we suspect the battle may already be over. Perhaps all that is left is the minor skirmishes of pride. For the Stump, we have the escape clause and access to the freedom tickets to places where they don’t burn churches instead of logs for Christmas. The stumps national comrades don’t have such luxury, these are the real people not the thugs who gain all the news in Indonesia and yet the thugs and the bean counters may yet win.

In spite of all the stumps rantings, Indonesia is a place we feel at home. The rants are directed at the pond toads that live in every country. Unfortunately, the people who daily toil day in and day out just to put food on the table and send their kids to school are probably about to get shafted for no other reason than a few cents a share and vision so aptly presented to world by the corrupt and inept.

There is no dole or government hand outs here, where will they go? What will they do?

How do you make a bean counter thousands of mile away understand that a company does much more than hire people in Indonesia (well a good one does anyway). Births, Deaths, Marriages are compulsory attendance. How can the stump (You can bet the accountant won’t come and deliver the news) look these people in the eye and say thanks for the fish “we are outta here”?

Still we shall not go quietly into the night…

My experience has been in a short 77 years that in the end when you fight for a desperate cause and have good reasons to fight, you usually win.”

Edward Teller

Anyone got a lazy million dollars?..that’ll get em!


GJ said...

Agh.... Now that sounds terminal!!!
And not for the Bean Counters, it appears that we also have a deep seated hatred for another species (and I use that term loosely). See my rant and curse of my time here
Well put up a good fight, and if you need a "hit" on the Bean Counter less confer. I don't like it when the POOR little guy is shafted.

johnorford said...

that's real tough oigal -- suppose that's precisely why they use accountants thousands of miles away to do this shit.

wish u all the best, hang in there, and whatever u do be straight to your employees. they'll appreciate it more in the long run...

oigal said...

Hi gj, Johno,

It's not over yet, still some fight left. It not really fair though, these people could not have done better and they do return a good profit..One of those company changing focus things only.. Which pisses me people have done all that was asked of them and more so should reasonably expect their means of living to continue.

Mate, always straight with one pays me enough to be a liar or unethical..(currently working on Plan B)

Assmad, mmm You got SNIPPED accidently this time.. but no loss..I expected nothing less from someone whose greatest claim to fame is as Exhibit A for the affirmative in Roe vs Wade..

Oh an GJ, You got a king size wheelie bin might be time to apply the feline solution to the accountants.. doesn;t hurt them they like to watch the bubbles...

Jakartass said...

There are bean counters all over, including (and especially?) here.

My own case is reaching an interesting phase where it looks as if a couple of lower minions, but higher than I was, are being thrown to the wolves.

Revenge will be doubled if they decide to spill the beans for our side.

Fight the good fight, O. Knowing you're right is always a good feeling!,

treespotter said...

don't you have an expense account?

oigal said...

Hi J, Jeez,,you case is taking awhile..our mob not doing anything wrong..just unfeeling..lot be said for the motto "do no evil"

Hey Tree.doing a post on you soon..loved the pic of you fighting the pengys..I reckon you should blow it up and frame it..

Expense account..think its maxed out..will have to look elsewhere for million bucks unless I cash the starbucks vouchers..

Actually they are appealing to my evil side now..offering big bucks..but there is bound to evil involved..

btw.. ignoring ASSMAD..I reckon your post on the big S was the best I have seen..

treespotter said...

he he, thanks man. It was quoted by the Australian

oigal said...

Hey TS...I am seriously impressed

Achmad Sudarsono said...

You ignore me, Oigsie, because you have no answers when the ordinary people say something do disagree with. Ordinary people, Oigal. Poor people. Real people. Not those with money and time to waste on broadband internet connections, like Treespotter.

oigal said...

Hey Assmad,

No I ignore you because you are a rude, ignorant, cowardly boor.

For someone like you who has spent their life sucking on the public teat to even attempt lecture anyone on what its like to be poor is simply absurb.

As a wise man once said "one day we all have to look into the mirror and discover what looks back is not pretty..we then have the choice change or kill ourselves for the public good"

BTW..How's the love affair with the Big S..I notice the hangers on deserting at an alarming rate..

As usual, tommy boy..thanks for sharing..

oigal said...

btw consider Option 2..we would all thank you

Achmad Sudarsono said...


Bit off the topic, - or maybe better on a different post, but speaking of (former) Bastards Inc., Seems like an apology isn't such a bad idea, with the Liberal Party taking the ALP and Rudd's lead. Or should they have listened to you, and persisted there was nothing to apologise about?

Party members such as Malcolm Turnbull, Peter Costello, Bill Heffernan and former Liberal Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser.[33] Former Liberal minister Judi Moylan said:

“ I think as a nation we owe an apology. We shouldn't be thinking about it as an individual apology — it's an apology that is coming from the nation state because it was governments that did these things.[34] ”

Nelson himself later declared he supported the apology.[35] Following a party meeting, the Liberal Party as a whole expressed its support for an apology, which thereby achieved bipartisan consensus. Brendan Nelson stated:

“ I, on behalf of the Coalition, of the alternative government of Australia, are [sic] providing in-principle support for the offer of an apology to the forcibly removed generations of Aboriginal children.[36]

Go You Good Thing.

oigal said...

Hey Assmad, almost rational between the cut and pastes this time..meds kicking in?

Seriously, I do encourage you to keep it up, with a bit more thought and research we could start to call your posts writing instead of typing...

thanks for sharing