Monday, February 11, 2008


Jakartass has really taken the President’s direction to “Think outside the box” to heart. So in the spirit of Blog solidarity here’s the Stump’s two cents worth:

With immediate effect the following regulations are to be implemented:

1. All politicians who wish to partake in a government (taxpayer) funded overseas trips are required to take Pubic Transport to and from the Airport, this means buses. (Express Customs walk-throughs and traffic clearance is expressly forbidden).

2. All government vehicles are to be affixed with a large toll free number requesting the registration of the vehicle be reported to a Central Authority should the vehicle be sighted at any shopping mall, golf course or other facility of public entertainment. (Central Authority is to request details of such approvals from regional managers, any use deemed frivolous will mean immediate open auction of said vehicle for the pubic good).

3. All government vehicles are to have designated and recorded drivers. Any driver who is not designated as such will be subject to immediate criminal action for theft of public property.

4. All public officials currently in receipt of a taxpayer funded vehicles will be required submit a justification to the central authority on why they cannot use “pool vehicles and drivers”. Failure to do so within seven days will result in the withdrawal of the vehicle.

5. All government vehicles are to carry large signs stating “These Vehicles are paid for by the people of Indonesia, please report misuse to 021..XXXXX”

6. All companies and individuals in receipt of public funds, grants and allowances are required by law to make a public declaration of their audited taxation payments.

7. All plastic carry bags are banned henceforth.

8. All plastic bottles and beverage cans are henceforth subject to a 100Rp deposit to be paid place of purchase or central facility in any town of more the 10,000 people.

9. It is now law to ridicule the Nuclear Power option in a country overly blessed natural resources in the world.

10. Internet Trolls may only hijack websites on the 30 Feb each year.

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GJ said...

Sounds like a campaign launch!! Got my vote.