Monday, February 18, 2008


Interesting to watch the Indonesian reaction to the Declaration of Independence by Kosovo..At best, it could be described as tepid support for their Muslim brothers.
Of course, there are some big Russian deals going down in Indonesian with all the transparency we have come to expect, so it would be naïve to expect any stand of principle.

Could it also be that by standing up with their Muslim brothers in Kosovo, they would have to admit some inconvenient truths? Such truths as the West, primarily led by the United States stepped in to stop the slaughter, while Indonesia and the rest of the Muslim world were happy to look the other way. Kind of wrecks the image that the United States and the dang Jews are out to get em huh?

Of course, for anyone who has read Animal Farm would understand that some Muslims are more equal than others….Darfur anyone?

The Stump has no real take on this issue except in the way it exposes the frauds, liars and pedlars of half truths here.


Anonymous said...

Hi Oigal

I seem to remember that at the end of the book that the animals were huddling outside watching the pigs enjoying a lovely dinner with the former owners of the farm. They were unable at the end to seperate the pigs from the people. Just another parallel between the old colonial elite and the new jakarta elite?

just a thought


oigal said...

Hi Anon (ah come on, what about a nickname, I cannot tell Anon's apart..grin)

That is so very true and sad...The book should be required reading for all school age children.

A wry smile always appears when indonesia pollies talk about colonial masters and the elite of those days..Is not Indonesia (or more correctly Java) one of the last major Colonial powers left in the world today?

treespotter said...

seriously dude, sometimes i wonder if we're all living in the same year. this is 2008, right? why does it keep sounding like 1908 around here?

oigal said...


Sorry too cyptic for me..

treespotter said...

with all due respect, this post just don't make that much sense.

if you're alleging some russian deals to skew indonesian's response, then why is Indonesia supporting the declaration - Russia is objecting in the UN?

I totally can't see how one response lead to 'frauds liars and peddlers of half truths' surely there are a lot of things in consideration, such as the wide media coverage, relevance, proximity, etc....

what inconvenient truths exactly are you referring to?

Vote me for president, next time a balkan nation slaughter each other, i will duly send all my warships and bomb the shit out of them back to the stone age. for that matter, i'll bomb anyone i please.

and well, truly, i failed to see the orwellian relevance.

except for the fact that George Orwell is a pseudonym.

PS: i did put up my orgasmic rant.

treespotter said...

the 1908 comment refer to the "Last Colonial Powers" wtf?!?!?

treespotter said...

surely, if you're referring to Javanese as a colonial power (as in they're subtly colonising the rest of the other ethnic groups in Indonesia), then Australia would be THE one longest and oldest colonial power there is.

Except that Rudd apologized.

frankly, that was the strangest, and not to mention most nonsensical, statement i've read from you in a long while.

we should go troll hunting again, i notice they're coming back.

oigal said...

T/S.. Don't be so sensitive! As I said no real take on this. It was a post of the squirmy position the Indonesian Governemtn now finds itself in (as of yesterday, they still had not decided to support or not, correct me if I am wrong)
and read the idiot comment by our mate Theo.

Problem is they are torn between of obvious support for Muslims over real world business of provinces declaring independence (yikes). As for Russia..please..of course they are using every means at their disposal to gain Indonesia's supprt for their position..

But as I said..interesting to watch..who will win out, religion, business or real world diplomacy..

oigal said...

T/S ..Subtly?? I would not say its subtle but again enough with the defensive. I certainly do not believe (not that what I believe counts for squat) that Indonesia should break up in any shape, form or matter that would be an unmitgated disaster for the region, provinces and Indonesia. Point is "people in glass houses" and the "sqaundering elite" had better start paying attention to the provinces.

BTW..Purpose of the new provinces in Papua? Bet will all be staffed by Papuans? How;s this for an obvious scenario: Within a few years domestic expats (jus teasing) hold the vast majority of jobs and positions of power, while the average Papuan is no better of than today and scratching to make a living..jealousy and bitterness leads to...??

Seems some people never learn..

As for Oz certainly if you were Aboriginal you could make that case! difference is the average oz is not blaming all the ills of the country on the evil colonials.."glass houses"

This is a tough response, you touched on a lot..

'frauds liars and peddlers of half truths' again don't think everything relates to you (where have I heard that)..It is refering to USA, WEST..whatever bad and hate all have heard it a gazillion you said complex.

"next time a balkan nation slaughter each other...."

I could even agree with you..F' em all..of course that includes Palistine, Iraq, Dafur,

Point is and remains..It was the USA and Western Europe who were stopping the slaughter and this doesn't get a decent run in the press here or the middle east becuase it doesn't fit the mold.

Wow..too much there for one response...happy to discuss furthe rbut would need an email or one point at a time

treespotter said...

LOLOL, i louuurve this stuff. you should drop by for a sunday.

Achmad Sudarsono said...


Why nonsensical ? Pretty simple case to me:

- If you care about the fate of the aboriginal people living today (as opposed to 200 years ago) - it's action that counts, not words.

- An apology is mainly symbolic and creates a feel good vibe for the chattering classes when giving them the appearance something's changed when it hasn't.

- It'll be much harder than "sorry" to fix the problems of alcoholism, child abuse, unemployment and the symptoms of a broken society amongst Australian aboriginals.

I have a different position to Pak Oigal, but why is the case not a valid one ?


GJ said...

Hey Stumpy

If your in Jakarta Sunday, BBQ is on TS will be there. Unfortunately no trolls shame, this is interesting.

oigal said...


How about this, I belong to the dunder head class of Australians, we are the ones who will never be rich, might or might get our kids to Uni (I am lucky to at least have a skill that gets me a good wage O/S)..generally not inately overly smart. Trouble is unless you take us along for the ride, the time comes when we look around and say.."How come they are getting this, that and the other and I still have to scramble just to get my kids to school" put that on top of unproven claims for compo...then you are sowing the seeds of a red neck backlash..

All the abstract discussion in world don't apply to us plebs..sorry

Donny Tedjo said...

So why not "Animal Planet" ?