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Is there something in the water in Jakarta (besides blind mullets)? Every six months or so, some insecure little Blogger gets his knickers in a twist about Expat Bloggers and/or expats. In this particular case, we have called the little blogger “housefly” after the commonhouse housefly’s habit of regurgitating its food and eating again and hence forth refered to as HF. Housefly seems apt as HF is simply regurgitating previous post of his from 2006

Meanwwhile you have to love this little piece of Sanctimonious HF claptrap;

“On blogging term (s), let’s not be anonyomus (anonymous). That’s what a real man should do.
In short, what I would like to say is this: anonymous blogger is a coward. Sadly most foreign exparts (expats) in Indonesia are anonymous blogger(s).”

Therefore the Stump, who blogs anonymously is in HF opinion is coward! Fair enough, the stump can name call with the best of them..laugh..hang on to your hats..

Well, in short, the Stump thinks HF should pull his head out the place where the sun does not shine and take a look around at the real world before he posts. On the issue of personal attributes, might be best if the picture came down..not a good look for a REAL MAN. I cannot see the hordes beating a path to his door to discover the secrets of what it is to be a real man on that basis.

Normally I enjoy reading Indonesian blogs written in English, it is an achievement that I could not match in reverse. Whilst reasonably fluent in Bahasa, I still from time to time transpose the wrong word or apply the wrong context and wind up insulting people. It is a bit like the inability to tell the difference between prudence and cowardice. A point our house fly may wish to ponder.

Further HF inane demands for pictures and CV;s border cross the border into the absurd. Although I suspect this has more to do with the cultural need to pigeon hole someone into a particular strata and class of society than complete ignorance of the standards of the rule of law in Indonesia.

You will see examples of the pigeon hole effect looking at the grand houses of the elite and corrupt in Jakarta (elite and corrupt..mmm redundant phrasing?). These tastless monuments to indifference complete with grandiose columns of marble in the front, join the Nokia Communicator telephones, as the “must have” accessory to their unprincipled and rarely challenged lifesytles. All time these parasites of society are taking every opportunity to silently scream “look at me, I’m really important”.

You need proof of how far down societies ladder the “look at me” syndrome slides? Watch what happens any time a plane in Indonesia gets within 500m of a terminal. You could lose an eye as vain and glorious rip out their handphones in an orgasmic, slavering, frenzy of pretentious self importance)

Ah but back to HF, its pretty a pretty safe if idiotic bet to use your own name when the most controversial thing you post is “Free New Blogger Templates”. This is hardly going have Neil Davis rolling his grave as his courage for reporting is challenged by our "named" blogger.

Ok lets be a bit fair ..A quick view of the HD archives reveals
December 2007
• 31: Top Ten Blogger Indonesia 2007 (28)
• 29: Floods and Landslides in Indonesia (0)
• 28: Benazir Bhutto Assassinated (5)
• 27: Indonesian Blogger Ministers (5)
• 26: Idul Adha, Christmas and New Year 2008 (3)
• 13: Blogger Indonesia of the Week (77): Anita Carmencita (7)
• 08: Indonesia Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of The Year 2007 (10)

Do take the time and go and read HF's highly “controversial” (read milksop) stand on illegal logging and compare it to this post by one of those evil anon expat bloggers. I do love this turn of phrase from my fellow accused coward "If the Indonesians cannot see what is happening, or worse, are not aware that their children will only have memories of these once great jungles, I do indeed shed a tear for them, however, I cannot forgive them as what they are taking from the world is not theirs to take". The Stump concurs!

Want more for a laugh..Or try Hf's principled and risky stand on the worlds greatest nutter:

“President Ahmadinejad speaks bravely against the US, the only world superpower of everything: economy, military and, no less important, the media. Third, he speaks controversially against the state of Israel and partially the Jews–the mogul of world media”

OK, I was joking its pure gorilla smegma - Jews - the mogul of world media?? Hello Planet Earth calling all space cadets, time to come home now. BTW, In most rational people’s eyes saying that country should be wiped off the map is insane not controversial (sic).

But apparently even after that piece of toss, HF feels no irony when complaining a particular blog site paints a certain religion in a bad light and has an agenda for another (Its ok HF, you are allowed to say Islam and Christianity, just no cartoons but Life of Brian is ok).

Give me a break, it’s hardly news and I think most readers are well aware of the agendas so obviously on view. Perhaps if more reasonable and educated Indonesians took some of the so-called spokesmen for various religious and political groups to task for their absurd comments then IM might have a slightly more difficult time finding material. To suggest that Islam is hard done by in this country is true fairy land stuff.

I can’t help but think there is a swag of jealousy involved here. Whilst HF finds Anon expat blogs annoying and damaging, he makes no mention of the plethora of Indonesia hate sites that abound. Of course, that would require a tad of introspection that all is not rosy in the republic.

In summary, it does not really matter if the writer is anonymous or not, after all they are only opinions. A blog is neither a research library nor the font of all human knowledge. If you want to debate on the rights or wrongs of anonymous posting feel free, but if you start name calling don’t be surprised if you get sat on your metaphorical arse.

P.S. The previous post was nasty and petty. Wouldn't it have been much nicer just asking the question why people feel the need to blog as Anon rather than name calling? Have a nice widget day now ya hear!


Patung said...

A mildly amusing thing about his site is that he runs Kontera ads, Kontera is an Israeli company. But as a fellow said to me once - 'money is money'.

Dilligaf said...

From behind the veil of anonymity I thank you for the compliment. In reality, all one has to do is watch what happened to Indcoup to understand why the majority of the "Blogosphere" is made up of "ghost bloggers" (pseudonym's can also be fun).

While we cannot all enjoy the success that blogging can bring,(a prime example being Belle De Jour who got both a best selling book and a TV series with Billie Piper in the lead roll) blogging anonymously can also be fun.

It's almost like a play written in the third person, the ability to say what you really think and feel without any repercussions in the real world.

As for my CV and photographs, bugger that, I'd be plauged with Job Offers from prospective employers and demands for marriage from the fairer sex.

I like my mask, it saves me from a lot of hassle. Keep up the good work......

Rob Baiton said...

First things first...I have linked to your blog and I check it out everyday (don't know if this can be considered an endorsement or not but if it can then so it should be!)...

It seems that the comments that accompanied my selection as blogger of the week have struck a chord with many...these things are out of my control though!

I disagree with a lot of what you post from the political analysis and some of your social musings perspective (that is probably because I am some loony leftist, wannabe hippie throwback living in a political reality that existed some 45 years ago -- but I am happy). In any event it is my right to disagree, right?

Thas said, I am happy for you or anyone else who wants to blog anonymously, to blog anonymously!!!

The fact that you do should not bother anyone and if it does the question should be what is their real beef with bloggers (I would have chosen generally as opposed to just expats -- there are plenty of Indonesians who blog anonymously as well, aren't there?)?

I will defend your right to blog anonymously but having a read of your post you do not need it! :)

Besides there is a photo of you and your name on the blog, right? Oh, that's not you...shock horror, I guess I am going to stop reading your posts -- not!!!

Great beard by the way. I have always wanted to have a beard just like that but never had the patience and I am yet to find the magic water in Indonesia that makes it grow fast enough so that I do not get bored waiting!

Finally, keep up the good work of posting I said I check your blog everyday and maybe this will be the first of more comments that I make...then again, may be not :)

Viva Anonymity!

Rob Baiton said...

You moderate your readers comments -- how not so free speech! I am horrified (just kidding) but I hope you let me through the vetting process :)

johnorford said...

well said.

treespotter said...

very tempting.... very, very tempting.

i am quite literally drooling over this one.

oigal said...

Hi Tree,
Yep..I knew you would be nealry going orgasmic over this one..Trouble is do you throw in with a "miserable expat post or come over to the dark side and ally with the ANON bloggers such as ourselves...mmmm

Patung, bit hard to find his posts amongst the ads in fact. Personally I can understand their anger at your site but why angry at you amuses me, they should be angry at the flea bags that provide such a target rich environment.

Dilli, Thanks! For me, reading your post is a bit like smoking cigars in the lounge bar..I know I shouldn't do it as it against good taste, but I enjoy it. Call one of lifes guilty pleasures if you will.

Rob, Thanks and wow long comments..
As you say my poltical leanings are fairly obvious but for those who still not sure (huh?).. Right of Centre, long time lib supporter but not a Howard supporter (Although that was ALP's fault 10 years and the best alternative is the fairy floss man and his socialist red headed man eater)

I do censor comments but only the death threats, family abuse and my resident troll ASSMAD and only then when he becomes boring (how many times do you need to hear I am a drunk at Blok M lying a pool of vomit with all the other expats).

Rob, thats the point, having an issue with ANON blogs is one thing but this is just another insecure shot at expats..time the kids grew up!

Johno, Thanks.. you started it it :-)..but I am fed up with the idiots and could be bothered being as polite or well written as you

Thanks for the link, I owe you one..

GJ said...

Hey Stumpy,

I still think its all about the "look at me" syndrome.
Its 15 seconds of internet fame, look google my name!!!

Real people with real ideas, values, principles speaking their mind will always attract more readers which in turns means more loonies.
Staying anomymous doesn't show a lack of credibility, its the content not the name that gives the credibility.
I think there is a fair amount of jealousy here, some Non Indonesians getting more recognition, in "my" country....cry,sob.
HF should remember that blogging is personal and reading them is optional!!!!

Lov ya work.

PS. Are we sure that "his" picture and name are real. He could be a 13year old girl from Mexico!!!!! Either way its up there with Cats and Accountants and dare I say lefties.

oigal said...

Thanks Gj,

I think you are right about the "look at me" caper..Although it has also been pointed out to me that it can be about getting traffic to your site for the ads..which is why the links and "blogs of week" wank.. Typical parasite behaviour..I want something for nothing, so I will use others good writing to suppliment my milksop rubbish.

Although the jealousy thing must hurt a lot, top blogs in Indo are invairably expat, in fact 1, 2 and 3 if Indocoup had not been forced off the web.

Most readers can see thru the ad scam blogs a mile way, the same blogs for some reason Indonesians seem to love polluting the web with.

oigal said...

Funny, I thought I would get more of a negative reaction to that post..mmm Perhaps its no just me have a gutful of the "poor bugger me"

Rob Baiton said...

I had not thought of the look at me caper or the 15 minutes of fame (for some anonymous or other wise it probably does not last 15 minutes) but I have now googled my name now, thanks for the idea...

You probably are not getting the reaction that you thought because perhaps what was written was not as much nasty as it was a very much in your face and brutally honest assessment (at least as you see it) of an argument that is really a non-event in the big scheme of things, "anonymous blogging"...

If a blog is to bring down the world as we know it, then it is not going to be because it is anonymous or from a identifiable by name blogger but rather because of the information or content that it contains.

GJ, could not agree more "blogging is personal and reading is optional" hopefully one day us bloggers on and all will understand this somewhat basic concept!

treespotter said...

but expats are miserable....

oigal said...

T/S.. we ain't..cynical, selfish, loving, generous, hateful, caring, smug, shy,

In short..human..

At least you were honest enough to make it a flat out attack on miserable expats unlike HF who tried to dress it up as a post on ANON blogging..and I still think that picture of you fighting the penguins is a classic (on jak chat) if you have not blown that up and got it framed should..
or do I need to tell you the story of the RATS OF TOBRUK.

patung said...

"top blogs in Indo are invairably expat, in fact 1, 2 and 3 if Indocoup had not been forced off the web."

No doubt you mean 'top blogs in Indo written in English'. If you mean on my list, well if you look at the main list, 20 out of 100 are in English (I think 7 of these are expat), and only 1 (an expat one) in the top ten, which isn't bad of course, but still, overall the expat English ones have pretty limited reach, esp. within Indonesia and among WNI, not surprisingly. Also particularly if you look at their traffic rank scores, apart from the Bali oriented ones, they are barely on the charts. This has nothing to do with their quality level necessarily, just how much reach they have.

Jen Jen in Jakarta, Indonesia said...

One small point of clarification. This is the age of now!!! So it is 15 seconds of fame, as there is always something better popping up on the browser.

Dilligaf said...

If you want a copy of any of the original penguin pictures let me now, I have them all on my hard drive....

oigal said...

Patung, I stand corrected..thanks..point well made.

Hi my case a nano second..:_)

Hey Dili, I keep well out of that little "blue" as it was getting pretty mean, nasty and ultimately pointless, however given the history if I was T/S I would for sure grab that picture..perhaps he was a copy ..sort of a Olive Branch Penguins..(that would be the rare Italian variety I assume)

spew-it-all said...

I definitely concur Stump! This is not a journal academic or something similar. Even a newspaper can publish article with pen-name.

Jakartass said...

I couldn't resist.

A great cartoon which sums up our anonymity.