Friday, December 19, 2008

long day and stupid taxi drivers

End of long day and a long way from home, so hop into the nearest Taxi. Just my luck.. A talkative taxi driver

“Dari Mana Mr” (Where From) ..

“What Country”

Then it started, the peabrain decided he was going to educate the poor Bule…

"What Mr think of Amrozi? They bad Muslim but it not right to the shoot them, they deserve to be treated honourably (excuse the para-phrasing) ..yah ..yah..yah…"

Mr Bush had shoe thrown at him, it good because he kill Muslims and invade Iraq..yah yah..

In fact it had been too long a day, normally ignore the pig-ignorant drongos but today..

“Listen you fool, Amrozi and his dog mates got better then they deserved, if it was up to me. I would had deposed of them in manner befitting the Deadwood TV series..Feed the mongrels to the pigs, they murdered innocent Indonesians who were just trying feed their families, they deserve no pity, no honour and no more idiots trotting around pretending they were anything else but losers.
As for Bush, where the hell were you and the rest of the numb nuts when Iraq invaded Iran or when Saddam was slaughtering thousand of Muslims every month oh and by the way numb nuts. The death toll in Iraq is about 98% Muslim killing Muslim.

Before you even start about the Palestine issue, go and give a hand to the 11000 people homeless in Surabaya.

Of course, The rest of the trip was stony silence! Stuff him!

Parroting Morons wear you down!

Personally, I think no one should have ever gone into Iraq, for all the parroting of brotherhood, the fact is life is cheap and always will be there.

For all the mindless abuse thrown at Bush and the USA, the reality is the piss ant dictators and failed nations throwing the abuse do far worse to their own people every day.

What is so disappointing over the past few years is the USA began to reach down to their level. The Stump believes its time to stop pussy footing around these idiots and call a spade a spade, for too long too many compromises have been made to appease the ignorant and intolerant. McCain had it right, dump that third world dumping ground for the useless and inane more commonly known as the United Nations and form a League of Democracies and forget the rest.

You want foreign nations out of Iraq, You got it! Less interference..You got it!
Of course, when comes to shouting for help you are on own as well dickwads. the rest of the rational world is tired of ya all.

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Anonymous said...

now and then I visit the blog. On another tack, I still recall Indcoup, the archives could have remained on line I think no matter what.