Monday, December 01, 2008


One thing about the Rabid Greens, it certainly is a cult to rival the very worst of the zealot religions of the world sans terrorist..Oops Forgot Peta and the veggy brained.

Like all religions, the rabid greens have to be dragged kicking screaming to face reality as facts pile up like so many plastic bags in a Jakarta river. They cling to and shout out the same old hoary chestnuts, flinging insults and abuse about the place like a mad women’s shit.

Let’s deal with some of the most recent flingings:

Flung Shit 1: - Oil will be $200 a barrel by Christmas 2008 and will never fall below $200 again

Truth: Oil is currently $53 a barrel, a dropping daily. Over Supply (!) by mid 2009 will see the price below $45

Flung Shit 2: - Climate Change will see the oceans around Indonesia rise by over 1m within 10 Years.

Truth: - The 10 year statement was first mooted 5 years ago, which means the oceans around Indonesia need to rise in the next five years by ..wait for it..1metre

Flung Shit 3: - The electric car was killed by big oil, GM and …(oh Insert your favourite demon)

Truth: - Electric cars are expensive, limited in range, unreliable and most importantly…LIKE ALL BAGS OF CRAP, IT DON’T SELL!

Flung Shit 4:- Co2 is responsible for raising the earth temperature and we are all gunna die.

Truth:- At best unproven, unfortunately for the rabids, there has been no recorded increase in world temperature since 1998 (1996 according to other studies) in fact some scientists are concerned we may be entering another long term cooling period.

Flung Shit 5: - The Polar Bears are dying

Truth:- There are currently more Polar Bears than any time in the last fifty years (see what happens when you stop shooting the buggers and thats got SFA to do with how hot it is)

Trouble with all this as it is a distraction from the main game and fixing the things that could really make a difference.

Ask yourself which provides better value
1. The self important Climate Change conference in Bali earlier this year and 93 plus government toadies and hangers on travelling to Poland this month for another Climate Change Talk Fest


2. Spending the time, effort and money on cleaning the disgusting disease ridden cess pools that are marked as rivers in the Nations Capital.

3. How about some clean water for the average Indonesian Family to drink and bathe in?

4. A viable public transport system?

The Stump’s old lefty green sparring partner Jakartass has it the bag though and to the Stump’s mind encapsulates the moldy thinking of the rabid left (backwoods indeed)

Shared transport, be it by a car pool scheme or company bus, rather than being an isolating cocoon as in individual travel mode, could well boost courtesy and communal ties. For example, there's a commuter train from Serpong, some 40 kms outside Jakarta, offering mini-classes and home cooked packed lunches. Such relief from the stress of road rage should surely boost productivity and creativity.

Ok besides the fact only a person seeing cute bunnies in the clouds would equate the local rail system with productivity and creativity. We have all seen how well the car pool scheme works in Jakarta, there is something very wrong with young girls, women with babies and children exposed to the very worst that Jakarta has to offer whilst offering their services (?) as jockeys to the government mandated “three in one” car pool scheme.

You can bet any rabid green plan would be “mandated” because like all zealots, the green mullahs find dissent and free choice rise hives on their very mouldy souls.

Of course, we could take the train for some mini classes and cooked packed lunches. One could only hope:

1. You happen to live in the less than 1% of the country that is served by a rail system
2. The Mini Classes include first aid and triage as a companion to the world class safety record of the current rail system
3. Cut lunches include water of slightly better class than is currently available to 99% of the Indonesian people.

This rabid green fixation on climate change is nothing more than sanctimonious and pretentious masturbation, mildly enjoyable for the individual but of no benefit to society as a whole.

How about we skip the toss and concentrate on things that will really make a difference to the people..for instance…

Fresh Water
Pollution Control
A Viable and safe transport system

Next post some practical examples as opposed to cut lunches and mini classes

Hey but the STUMP does owe the rabids a vote of thanks..the $200 barrel of oil scare and the tweenies push for crapola cars that could not get your grandmother to bowls and back at over 30kph has meant I will save thousands on THIS..


oigal said...

Yikes Jen..Looks like I lost ur comment..might have been planted by a greenie

Jakartass said...

Thanks for commenting on a quote taken, as per your usual, out of context.

It must be tough living out in the backwoods without any transport, but then, judging by your holiday snaps, you don't like people much.

(Will you lose this comment - like you lost Jen's?)

Welcome back, O. I've missed you. It's been quiet in Jakartass Towers without you whinging about bloody soccer playing poms.