Sunday, April 08, 2007

Australian Labour Party

(Cartoon: Labour Party burnt out pop star trying to remember what he stands for, with coaching from kid rudd)

Election time is coming up in Australia, which normally would not be much of an issue in Indonesia except that the current Prime Minister seems to be a favourite of Indcoup and Treespotter. So I thought I would dedicate a post on the theory that a rotting fish, rots from the head first.

Personally, I have never had much time for John Howard as I consider him as a more than economical with the truth when it suits him and just a little sneaky. Having said that, there is no doubt he is the consummate professional politician in the region bar none.

Time and again, the Australian Labour Party has thrown up challenges to the throne, only to find their chosen challengers, weak kneed bullies (Latham) intellectual ravers (Beasley) and their latest puff balloon of choice Kevin Rudd. Kevin Rudd’s latest claim to glory (besides never ever being able to answer a question with a straight answer) is this latest PR disaster:
“VIETNAM veterans have been offended by Labor leader Kevin Rudd’s request for a “fake” dawn service so he can commemorate Anzac Day live on Channel Seven’s breakfast show from Long Tan in Vietnam.
The plan for an earlier 4.15am service to coincide with the peak 7.15am morning TV ratings period were hatched by Mr Rudd’s office and staff of the Sunrise show several weeks ago.”

Few days hold greater reverence to Australian’s than ANZAC day and for some mealy mouthed spiv like Rudd to suggest the timings held in remembrance of the fallen be changed to suit his own inflated sense of self importance is repulsive in the extreme.
Rudd like the party he represents has demonstrated yet again they have no idea what is important to the average Australian and will self-destruct long before Election Day handing Howard yet another election on a platter…idiots.

To be fair, you cannot expect much from a political party, laced with Union Hacks, taxpayer funded leftist journalists and barely literate, washed up, bubble gum pop stars. You would have to dig long and hard in the Australian Labour Party to find anyone who has actually contributed to the economy of Australia and not spent their whole lives somewhere on the taxpayer teat.

As a twist, my own motives and ethics will be tested in this election. With the Australian Dollar at .80 USD up from .48c back in 2000. A vote for the economic disaster that is the Labour Party could only be good for my wallet but bad for the country...(Ok..Only kidding!! Only a fool, welfare cheats or at the risk of repeating myself, a socialist could vote for the rotting fish that is the Australian Labour Party).

Brace yourself for a few more years of Howard.


treespotter said...

i'll be happy with a few more years of Howard. He's funny.

Shame that he lacks the facial hair.

IndCoup said...

"economic with the truth"

yep - that's politicians for you.

The thing that got me about Howard was his decision to provide funds to prevent deforestation (good) yet at the same time to continue to import illegal logs. Where is the sense in that? Cheers...

Achmad Sudarsono said...

Dear Friend,

It's good to see you Maintain Your (P)Age on the ALP. You are truly the Placido Domingo, if not of Australian politics, then of the internet.

Why not take a swipe at Dolebludgers, (as they call them down there), single mums, and parasites of the taxpayer such as schoolteachers, nurses, police and the military, and other 'Friends of Tax Teats.'

Oh, and what about those Australians suckling off 'various aid projects', Friend ?

Let's get down to the real distaste for Rudd: he can speak to the Chinaman in his own lingo.

oigal said...

mmm Lost one of your comments there, Indcoup..the troll probably pinched it..He has a natural yearning to see what an orginal thought looks like.

Howard is a professional, he can not get all green and mean in oz without the Gunns and Tas timber industry zapping him..this way he gets to spend someone's money at no voter risk..

Tree..I know you like worries me..have you thought of therapy?

Harry Ass, our faithful if ever so dull imposter..You remain to remind us that God has sense of humour when she makes a mistake.
Still there is no doubt you do possess two dicks, noone could be that stupid pulling just one..

Thanks for dropping by..

Achmad Sudarsono said...

But Friend,

You tried to dodge my feint and swipe, but ended up being the rope-a-dope.

Friend: you said you worked on aid projects.

It seems you are happy to slurp in the public trough, but for single Mums and teachers: cannot.

I don't have two dicks, but mine is substantial enough to make up for two of the average White Man.

Thank You, Friend.

oigal said...

now wouldn't that give the the Willies, comments ate Wendy's comment and let Harry Ass tho..

Oh Well...Wendy tis a sad start to the season hey..Don't worry about "A" she is my resident dullard Troll.

Now Harry (that name has to change too)I never said that I worked for an Aid Agency, I worked with them never for them (subtle difference, like who pays). Do try and pay attention..

Tee hee .. Now for the funniest news this week..Greenants have informed me, our troll is a Oz Sheila..laugh that explains the penis envy thing anyway

Achmad said...


Now it seems like you are being economic (economical??- grammar, tsk, tsk), with the truth. 'With them, but not for them?,' is that like laughing with you, but not at you, like I do ? :-) It's all there in 'Politics and the English Language," Oigal, on euphemism, bad grammer, and dodging The Truth.
Speaking of which, my friend, as anyone could tell from my muscular prose, I am no bule woman: I am a Pencak Silat master, Cabaret singer, Ukele player, poet and philosopher. I invite you to see from yourself on:
But be warned: the Truth is the ultimate antitode to Orwellian double-speak.
Now off to lift - not wear - a fear sarungs.