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Before we start on grimmer topics today, “Greenant” has been on the job and has reported our resident Troll, who likes to impersonate a Indonesian Man is actually a woman (actually a big hairy woman) from Oz. You know the type, sarong wearing dyke westerner, strutting around the local village, the male hater, sucking the public teat for sustenance, Stay tuned for more details..Thanks Greenant, certainly explains the penis envy.

Bullies and Bastards

A few weeks ago, I was reading the local paper and there was the picture of a group graduating pilots, blindfolded and being forced to sit drums of filthy oil and trash whilst their Non Commissioned Officers and other seniors looked on. The name for this is bullying and bastardisation in its lowest form.

Besides a fleeting thought, that is it any wonder that the Military has the reputation it does, I thought no more about it.

Until today..The Jakarta Post reports that another student had died from bullying at the Institute of Public Administration (IPDN). The IPDN is a quasi military school for wanna be public servants (which is a misnomer in its own right). This is not the first time this hell hole of thugs has being in the news, a senior lecturer at the school reported “34 students had died at IPDN since 1993”

Safe to assume that the “head” of the school has been dismissed and awaiting police investigation..Nope.

“Authorities at the Institute of Public Administration (IPDN) suspended a lecturer Lecturer Inu Kencana Syafi'i on Monday after he spoke publicly on the death of a sophomore student and other violence at the college”

Now can you imagine the carnage and mayhem if such things were reported as happening in an American Prison …Still that’s the way things are here “Howl at the moon and the Middle East” Threaten violence and mayhem over a fully clad Playboy whilst tripping over far greater excesses in your own back yard.
Here’s is the full article from the JP as linking to the post is waste of time

IPDN lecturer suspended over violence report
Yuli Tri Suwarni, The Jakarta Post, Sumedang
Authorities at the Institute of Public Administration (IPDN) suspended a lecturer on Monday after he spoke publicly on the death of a sophomore student and other violence at the college.
Lecturer Inu Kencana Syafi'i said that if the suspension was a punishment then it was unjust and did not correspond with his work to stop brutality at the academy.

Inu sent a letter to President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono informing him that 34 students had died at IPDN since 1993, 17 of whom are believed to have died in suspicious circumstances.
"I sent him the letter this morning enclosing data on the deaths of the college students in order to set it straight that I'm not making this up. Not all the students died of unnatural causes apparently, but I have specified the irregular ones," he was quoted by Detikcom as saying at his official house in the IPDN lecturers' housing complex in Jatinangor, Sumedang, on Monday.

In the report shown to reporters, he said 34 students had died from 1993 to 2007, the most recent case being the death of sophomore Cliff Muntu from North Sulawesi. He highlighted the names of students whom he alleged died of unnatural causes.

On May 8, 1993, according to Inu's report, Aliyan, from West Kalimantan, fell from the second floor of the Bengkulu dormitory. Also that year, the report says, an East Java student, Gatot, was found dead with bruises on his chest and broken ribs after attending basic military training.
"I saw the condition of the student with my own eyes," said Inu.

The report says that in 1995, Alfian, from Lampung, was found dead with a fractured skull in his dormitory and in 1997 Fahruddin from Central Java died of unnatural causes. College authorities refused to allow doctors to perform an autopsy on him, according to the report.
In 1999, Edy, whose origin is not listed in the report, died during a field study and, Inu says, the institute also refused an autopsy on him. In 2000, Arizal, from South Sulawesi, was believed to have drowned in Lake Toba, North Sumatra. Purwanto, from Central Java, was found dead with broken ribs after graduating from the college in 2000.

In the same year, Obeth Nego Indow, from Papua, died in his senior's room with blood in his mouth and broken ribs, the report alleges.
In March 2000, a West Java student Eri Rahman, died in hospital after being beaten by seniors, who were sent to prison, but allowed to graduate after they served their sentences.
In 2000, a student from Jakarta, Utari Mustika, allegedly bled to death after an abortion. Her body was left in a mosque in Cimahi, West Java.

On July 25, 2002, Teddy Frederich Hendra, from Maluku, drowned and his body was found floating in the sea off Cilacap. In 2002, South Sulawesi student Wirman Nurman died. The college claimed he died in a traffic accident. In 2003, Wahyu Hidayat, from West Java, died after allegedly being beaten by his seniors. In 2004, Arizal Sasad, from Central Java, died. College officials told his parents he had died in a traffic accident.

In 2005, Irfan Albert Hibo, from Papua, died in his room and college officials said he committed suicide by taking insecticide, although it was later alleged that he died of a drug overdose.
In 2006, Papuan student Manfred Hubi, died at IPDN's IIP branch campus in Cilandak, Jakarta. College officials claimed he died of acute hepatitis, but they again refused to allow an autopsy.

"The difference between my data and that of the IPDN officials, which indicated that 29 students had died, is because theirs did not include students who died mysteriously and whose bodies were not examined," Inu said.
Inu received the suspension letter, signed by IPDN assistant rector Tjahja Supriatna, on Sunday.

"I don't understand it. They say I don't have to teach as long as I have to deal with the investigative team," said Inu, who has been teaching at the college for 17 years.
He also alleged that lecturers had used formaldehyde to hide bruises on Cliff's body, and asked why they had not been questioned.



Patung said...

I had guessed "Achmad" to be from Melbourne, considering how he/she talks about rugby in a disrespectful way. I find his comments to be often quite entertaining though, but occasionally the humour falls flat or is too blunt.

oigal said...

mmm.. I wonder why that it is..it seems if I click to publish more than one comment then others go missing.

Oh Well, they were only from Mrs Achmad..so not great loss.

I tend to agree Patung, except that most guys understand there is border you don't cross unless you want a broken nose. Its ill defined but all guys know where it is. Its a guy thing and Mrs Achmad does not get the point. If you want to get personal about someone's family then you had better be prepared to back it up...Its not funny or smart.

Still more to come stay tuned

Achmad Sudarsono said...

Let me rephrase:

* "Bastards and Bullies" well describes the mentality Rugby League, Union, AND Aussie Rules inculcates in young boys, stimulating their latent Neanderthal and knuckle-dragging tendencies. (Little encouragement is needed as they are Australian).

* John Howard's spirit - that of a crafty little shopkeer, one who doesn't look beyond his white picket fence is the most representative expression of Aussiedom -- behind the sneakiness is a self-righteous and white supremacism, that seeks to be the 'Sheriff of the South Pacific.'

* I am no woman: I am one of Indonesia's foremost Ukele players, Pencak Silat instructors, Cabaret singers, poets and Philosophers. Unfortunately, in Oigal's hands, the subtlely of my humour becomes the Tyranny of Missed It.


oigal said...

mmm Well you are sort half right..

You are a woman just no lady!

Laugh ..still I don't know why you are so upset with Oz guys tho..best you can hope in an effort to reproduce is one them can find enough to "drink you skinny"

Ok off with you now ..back to the commune!

Jakartass said...

I trust you saw my link to this post ~ "a righteous rant."

Write on, bro'.