Thursday, May 31, 2007


It didn't take long..Sigh..The "Rent a Thug" crowd are protesting along with the usual threats of mayhem outside the Australian Embassy in Jakarta. In a fine display of a civilisation at its zenith "hundreds of protesters mainly from youth groups, rallied outside the embassy in Jakarta. The protesters chanted: "Get out, get out, Australia"; "Burn it down, burn it down"; and "Go to hell, Australia."
Like a lot of Australians, sometimes I think its not a bad idea (the get out bit anyway, hardly seems any point some days)..

The thugs are predictable and dangerous (and very buffed for someone just off the streets), I wonder if there is any statesmen around to notice the link between reactions like the above and the headline on the same page, RI on the outs with tourists

Ben over at Indonesia Anon
(see comments) took me to task somewhat and said the action was counter-productive and in essence not real smart.

Not sure what Indonesia A really expected Australia to do..Unlike a lot of places, in Oz raising a summons against anyone is a fairly simple process and government intervention would be political suicide. Secondly, A Summons is NOT an arrest warrant but a direction to attend formal proceedings (although failure to obey a summons can lead to an arrest warrant in certain circumstances).

A statesman of any standing would have understood the domestic political and legal situation in the country he/she was visiting and acted accordingly.
1. Pass the summons to his lawyers and get on with what he was trying to achieve or;

2. If the case is as dead, buried and complete (black pun Google search Balibo Five "completed") as Indonesia insists then comply with the summons and answer the questions in the spirit of inter-country relations o

3. The last option (which does not apply to statesmen) is rush off home in a hissy fit, watch the "rent a thugs" protest your "impolite" treatment despite the dangers they pose to life and limb.

Of course, Option three merely confirms the contempt for due process and well being of others and..........

Meanwhile Sooty, the person at the centre of the current storm and Jakarta Mayor is still fuming. Sooty prefers the title Governor, but the reality is he's a Mayor in charge of the three Rs rates, roads and rubbish. None which are great points of achievement after a gazillion years in office).

Sooty has now stated that unless Australia apologised he would cease cooperation with Australia (big call for a council Mayor). Now that's counter-productive, what Sooty fails to realise is the moment he said that, a number of Australian Tax Payer's breathed a sigh of relief.

The vast majority of Australian's view Indonesia with a high degree of suspicion as do Indonesians Australia. It should be the aim of statesmen to understand the two cultures and build the relationships, not endanger all with childish hissy fits. But such creatures are few and far between.

Now a conspiracy theorist would wonder, how the hell did John Howard get Sooty to go along with his plan, to ramp up "the evil Indonesians are just waiting to get us" election ploy. John Howard has made a career out of raising the unease and security factor just prior to elections (In full knowledge the ALP, is renown as a bunch of security wimps). I would not be surprised if little John doesn't flash Sooty a get well card.

Anyway Sooty, thanks from the stump for drawing attention to the unresolved issues of 35 years ago..funny how bad rots ya bones and the smell never goes away..

Oh the report widespread in Indonesia that the summons was delivered by police using a duplicate key to get into his plainly nonsense. Summons serving is such a routine procedure even the newest rookie understands the procedure. Mind you it would have been far more interesting to serve it during an official function, much more dramatic and newsworthy.

As for the picture.....There are brave men and then there is the Mob! One of the deceased (completed?)Balibo Five..

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IndCoup said...

fair enough - but do you really think he is gonna wanna give testimony in a court?

Would be nice to know what he got up to as a captain back in East Timor though...