Friday, May 23, 2008


Hey There..

Like we didn't know that would happen; had the resident moron commenting rudely that my previous picture was offensive and he/she/it was going to report the Stump..

The official Stump response Screw You Pinhead! You would not know offensive if it crawled up your pants and bit you on the arse!

we have friend from Burma who has been lucky enough to create a life for themsleves outside the clutches of insane leaders of that country. We sent them an email offering condolences, thought our readers might like to read the response:

"feel like shooting the fucking chinc foreign policy for interfering by exercising their Veto vote UN in support of Junta's decision to disallow the aid workers into Burma, but when the shits hit the fan in their country, they are begging everyone to come in and help. China is making so much money and getting much needed energy supply out of Burma and dumping its unsafe and inferior goods into Burma and as long as the junta remains in power in Burma, china is laughing. arseholes really.

and of course XXXXXX all them generals..."

And pinheads have the nerve to say that a picture of stunningly attractive girl is offensive. The stump agrees with our Burma mate, those stinking generals are offensive, along with self centered, bastard nations who have the gall to pretend they are civilised and then support the Junta are highly offensive (and do look up Indonesia's stunningly pathetic stance on the Junta as well).

Can hardly wait for the day when the galahs get their way and America decides enough abuse and leaves China as the sole power in SE Asia. Wankers All!


Rob Baiton said...

Different strokes for different folks...water of a duck's back!

Yep, there are more important things in this little world to be worried about than the posting of a picture of a naked woman!

She looks to be of age and it seems from the smile on her face that she is either happy to be there or getting paid well for her services or she is smirking in the knowledge that there are probably 100s of thousands of fellas out there now flogging 'emselves stupid over her picture with none of them ever being a real chance of getting the in the flesh model!

rimafauzi said...

who are these offensive bastards?

GJ said...

Hope your not lying face down in a murky swamp anchored down by a weight used to balance the ledger. Damn Accountants!!!!!!