Saturday, June 14, 2008

WE'RE BACK!!!!!!!!

Some one famous (or was it Guru Bob) once said “If a tree falls in the forest and no-one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?” or updated “If the Stump does not post does any one notice?”

Well the Stump is back although battle worn and bruised. Suffice to say the war of accountants has ended (here on know as the War of the Poses). Upsetting to some but the Stump and the loyal team of Stumplets have survived, a number of people in the “other” organisation have fallen on the sword of accountability.

Of course, a few more are to fall yet as the changing of the culture of the newly absorbed organisation begins (no, marking up supplier invoices by 10% and sharing the extra does not qualify you as a “self starter”).

The Stump notes Indonesia has got along fine without us (who needs one more fool in our quaint little circus). Our resident bottom feeders the FPI (Fantastically Pathetic Idiots) quickly disproved the myth that Religious Nut Bags are provoked into thuggery and terror by Western Attitudes as they attacked innocent people in central Jakarta with nail impregnated bamboo poles. The Stump has always stood in sheer awe of the morons who blithely state that Australia’s participation in Iraq increased the risk of terror attacks. Of course, the fact that the Bali bombings took place before Iraq escapes these web-footed, simple minded apologists for thugs. The FPI demonstrated once and for all that a moron and his religion will always find someone to hate.

Other news a new international study found with 99% certainty that the Brothers GRIM were responsible for flooding thousands of villages out of their homes. Hands up, who didn’t know that already..Ok Hands Down Mr B.. Money only buys the written truth in Indonesia not the real truth.

An Indonesian clergyman (who cares what his name is.. Father ILIEALOT or something) proved the church has learnt nothing from its shameless support of the NAZI’s by declaring that there was no problem with Religious Tolerance in Indonesia. One can only wonder what colour is the sky in his world?

The Junta over in Burma is still proving the ASEAN principles of inducing change in the “Asian Way” is a roaring success expect for the stench of rotting bodies but at least we remain polite about it.

Ok enough rants for one day..its gooooooddddddd to be back (that’s good not GOD)


Dilligaf said...

"WE'RE BACK!!!!!!!

About time too you lazy b*stard!

johnorford said...

it's great to see u'r back!

yeh the catholic church can't say much on religious persecution.

GJ said...

Great to hear your not rotting in a swamp somewhere. If only accountants would die as easy as cats the world would be a better place..........oops still have religious nutters, bugger.