Saturday, June 14, 2008


The Stump noticed the new Australian Prime Minister Kevin “earwax” Krud popped into Indonesia for about 20 minutes the other day. Bizarrely the Indonesian Press made quite a fuss about it (relatively), routinely commenting on new beginnings and stronger ties with new Asia friendly ties.

Actually we should not be surprised, Krud is about as close to atypical Javanese politician as you will get. Excessively polite, plenty of style and not a cracker of substance in anything said.

Let’s review some of the highlights of this over promoted dog-catcher:

• Went on pilgrimage to the Hiroshima Shine. The Stump wonders if he offered to accompany the Japanese Prime Minister on a tour of the Sandakan Death March locations or perhaps mention it might be time to acknowledge the Japanese use (abuse) of Asian Comfort woman during World War 2.

• Signed the Kyoto Treaty in a classic display of no substance Australia could cease all economic activity right now and make less than ½ per cent change to CO2 to the environment whilst countries like Indonesia, China and India as major polluters (all jockeying for top five positions) have absolutely no obligation (or desire) to take any responsibility for the criminal abuse of their own eco-systems.

• Proposed a regional Euro-Union ..oops sorry SE Asia union..classic!! Don’t we have a very effective one of those. The Stump will have to check with Burma on that.

We were gunna do a post on "BLUE ENERGY" but that was too easy...and we couldn't stop laughing...Psst...The stump has a good lead on Sydney wanting to sell the Harbour Bridge..for a small upfront commission (say $250,000) we could steer the contract your way................

Well that’s today’s rant from us LAZY BASTARDS..


GJ said...

Hey does the ol' coat hanger come with the bridge climb business??? I could be interested. Where do I send to money???

rimafauzi said...

hey you.. where've you been?? was a bit worried you were sick or something. give me a holler when u're online!

treespotter said...

javanese? how come he doesn't wear the hat?

oigal said...

Hi GJ, Sorry the bridge climbing business is seperate but the stump has an agent who has an agent..who has friend who ..

Hey Rima.. Seriously busy knee deep in Grenade Pins fighting off eveil accountants and merger worms.. also looking for your album!! will do..

Tree.. I thought you had given up on the Stump as a lost cause..

oigal said...

Still busy all...but have some fun adventures to recount...hey I was there were the FPI came a thumping!!

treespotter said...

giving up? NEVER!

We're all lost... now i'm looking for the cause.