Sunday, June 22, 2008


Bizarre, We have come through the "Battle of Insipid Bean-Counters" with the business surviving although swallowing up another division along the way. Casualties were limited to the jobs of number of other expats in the other loss making division, leaving the stump as sole “foreign survivor" in the now joined companies(further proof that the prayers of the faithful and vindictive don’t matter). Although others will fall as the new culture of accountability and actually being required to produce rather than just sit and shit are introduced.

A much bigger organisation now although no-where near as profitable, so the search was on for a Human Resources Director. Interview Time duly came and with some “seemingly” high quality candidates. Process was we explain our company and its values (bruised but still standing after the battle with the morally devoid IBCs). You would think such things that would give a hint to a prospective candidate of what should be said? Such values identified as critical were; promotion is on merit not length of service, gender, religion, age, ethnic group are to have no bearing on hiring or promotion.

Further discussion was held on the need to be able to communicate carefully what is required to the workers as little miscommunication tend to get out hand quickly in Indonesia.

Then came the time for our prospective candidate to explain what he could bring to the company. He explained he was very sensitive and skilled at communication as he had spent considerable time in Papua. "It was very difficult there...Blah Blah" at which point he leaned over and whispered “As you know Mr, the only good Papuan is a dead one but we couldn’t do that” At which point, the Stump leaned across and said “Interview is over”

In an amusing addition to the above story, we received a letter on Friday from the “dropkicks” legal advisor (?) today threatening to take us to court as we had discriminated against him on the basis of his religion. We have written back advising we have requested a hearing in court next month and hope he can attend ..oh and we have requested the case be heard in Papua (we haven’t of course, but the stump was helpless in the desire to mock in the face of such nasty stupid)…Bloody Bottom Feeders annoy us!

On the other updates, Prime Minister Krudd continues to expose the left wing of Australia as vacuous as their international cousins. Yet further signs of just how shallow and hollow little weasel is was demonstrated when he tried cosying up to those unrepresentive, intolerant FATWA issuing, self serving galahs, know locally as the M*I. Little Kruddy was out of his depth (anything above 2cm from base morals puts him out his depth) and has all the class of a soggy wet end cigar end. Did anyone else feel like vomiting as this twerp offered scholarships to the all-knowers of Allah's Will? As an aside, we ain't religious at the Stump but if you know God's will doesn't that make you a GOD as well?

Speaking of smoking (actually soggy cigar ends but anyway..), did you happen to see the elitist, privileged morons writing to the paper about those evil smokers at the same time the papers are full of reports of children starving to death in the most resource rich nation in South East Asia. A 100 Years of Awakening indeed, perhaps an awakening for ten minutes would help! One could ask when will we awake and say “ENOUGH” and demand some accountability from the obscene pigs with their noses so deep in the trough they cannot see their own people suffering.

Other big news this month is “Fuel Prices”. Interestingly, none of our rabid green friends (you remember them, the bio fuel disaster freaks and supporters) have owned up to the fact, the fuel prices you are seeing now are nothing as to what will happen if the green freaks and intellectually challenged politicians get their way with the fools dream of carbon and emission trading. Although one should never be surprised at the duplicity and hypocrisy of the Rabid Greens.

On the plus side, the ever increasing higher prices will force countries like the USA and Australia to become far more fuel independent (yes it will still be oil, perhaps squeezed greenies as an additive though.) Once the cash life line of the sand cultists dries up (pun intended), the export of hate from the Sand Cultists will fall back into irrelevance as God (tee hee) intended.

Meanwhile, on the plus side the high fuel prices have driven down the price of the STUMPS latest order. A new throbbing .5.4 Litre, 8 Cylinder Ford Falcon FG8 will be the Stump’s latest contribution to providing penguins with chance to enjoy weather without a jumper like the rest of us. Although, it won’t be ready for few months as it Stump is still playing with SPV for some additional tricks.

BTW..Anyone know where we can find a good technically minded, operations manager?

THE LAST WORD.. This month's silliest headline "RI sends full medical team and logistical aid to China" perhaps they should them to Kupang Indonesia where the death toll of children from starvation is over two dozen and climbing.

Which gives us our two nominations for Arsehole of the Month award:

Nomination One:

An official asked about the dead children was quoted as saying

"It's the parents fault, they are ignorant and don't know how to nourish their children"

Nomination Two:

A pond scum dweller writing in to The Jakarta Post (paraphrased, look it up yourself) "I am sorry to say the government should not provide education assistance to poor people they don't deserve it"


GJ said...

You should have told the lawyer you always discriminate, but only on the grounds of stupidity!!! :~)

Anonymous said...

you sound like a pollie yourself - stop biyching & provide the inspiration (intellectual or otherwise) for folks to rise - green whinger

oigal said...

Hey Anon,

Fair Enough, how's this as a start bitching is spelt with a "t" not a "y" thanks for dropping in don't let the door hit you on the arse on the way out