Saturday, June 28, 2008


Well it would appear that sub-contracting rants is not without it’s complications.

The Stump should perhaps clear a couple of things up, firstly when I said The Ranter needs to get more personal, I was suggesting that perhaps the “Ranter” should nominate the blogger that generated such a post. As it turns out there a more than few that are provoked by the Ranter and they obviously mistook “personal” for descriptions of family relations (bastards, sob etc) and suggestions for sexual diversions (one of which is I am not sure is even possible, certainly gross). So you will understand that not all comments made the grade. Rima’s suggestion for government improvements certainly had some merit though(you will have to ask her).

Secondly, Jakartass takes issue with the Stump for sub-contracting rants, which is a trifle harsh as its part of the KITAS thingy. All foreigners are to provide opportunity for foreign employee positions to be replaced by Indonesians (Can anyone really tell us, where the $1200 per KITAS really goes?)

Anyway, it’s starting with a life of its own now so we can all sit back and watch
(What a shame I don’t sell widgets on this site)

Have good weekend all…

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