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Some nefarious malcontent contends that the Stump deals in “Hoeee” in particular in regards to Climate Change. The answer is of course, ABSOLUTELY! The Stump is dedicated to self righteous, sanctimonious, unsubstantiated, self indulgent ranting, so in word

The Climate Change line between fact and fiction is so blurred and misleading means the Green Rabids almost qualify as religious deacons (with all the inherent toss that infers) and why shouldn't the stump join in (Will Smith, Tom Cruise please contact the Stump for details where to donate your gazillions and the Stump shall save your soul).

So in that fine tradition of Stump inspired, self righteous ranting, today’s cannon fodder is those fish in the barrel, more commonly known as the rabid greens and leftists of the world.

The Stump actually pities the rabid greenie, it must be tough to suddenly find after all that fighting, protesting, living in trees, having sex with strange smelling and hairy women and destroying other peoples hard earned property not to mention drinking your own urine that nuclear power may well provide perhaps the only viable salve to an over polluted planet.

A recent study to quantity various nations Environmental Performance Index, or EPI was jointly produced by Yale's Center for Law & Environmental Policy and Columbia's Center for International Earth Science. The study concluded that France is one of the least polluting countries on the planet, primarily because over 75% of its electricity needs are provided by Nuclear Power Plants. Interestingly, nearly all countries with a nuclear power industry scored well on the EPI (ok Russia didn’t, but sinking nuclear subs in the city harbours generally lowers the EPI score, although it makes the fish easier to catch).

What our dear anti nuclear greenies always fail to point out is, a large number of countries with nuclear power provide power to those bludger nations who semi-subsist on the myths of solar and wind energy. Personally the stump finds those nations on a par with those particular nasty people who refuse to have their children immunised. These losers are more than happy for others to take the (granted minimal) risk whilst basking in the protection and comfort that mass immunisation provides.

The Stump was stunned to learn of the obscene amount of subsidies, tax credits and mandatory buy backs that are required to support the “non polluting” options. Buy backs as a matter of interest is where the government mandates an artificially high and unsustainable price that ‘regular’ power utility companies must buy back the excess power on the irregular and odd occasion the wind blows more than usual.

Of course, it always escape the notice of the mungbeans that government subsidies actually means ripping more money out of the pockets out of those who actually work for living. Germany alone spent $6 billion dollars in artificial subsidies on mungbean power and still the European Union failed to meet any carbon emission targets. The Stump cannot help but think how much clean water $6 billion dollars could provide to the worlds poor.

The wholesale embrace of “Nuclear is evil, oil is evil – bio is good” green mantra (Ok you can throw in the odd death to America, kill the joows for a change every so often if you feel the need) has led to the major destruction of rain forests and ruination of millions of hectares of previously productive agricultural land. The resultant escalation of staple food prices and starvation in the worlds poorer regions has come about all in the name of a “greener planet”. Don't expect any sympathy from the Loony Greens however, they are past masters of self denial and unintended consequences.

To be fair, genetically a rabid leftist or greenie requires a very short memory to exist. To drift off topic for a moment, One has to wonder where the Leftists have gone in regard to Zimbabwe or should we say Rhodesia, the left’s support of Mugabe and his ilk was absolute and pathetic in the homage paid to this racist, murdering bastard). I have yet to see any of them tying themselves to public buildings in Zimbabwe "for the people".

Tired of listening to the high pitch whining and screaming from the self - righteous left and rabid greens, the more rational humans are left weary of the Anti US/West mantra regards to the environment with nary a word about the elephant/s in the room. Those elephants go by the name India, China and Indonesia, king polluters all. The significant difference being the pollution and destruction they bring about translates very little in lifting their people out of poverty and despair.

Koyoto was/is a classic example of new age wank supported and rewarded environmental vandals at the same time attempting to beggar the very nations who may actually end up providing the technological solutions to some of our environmental problems.

Like it or not, you do have to love the new religion of “CLIMATE CHANGE". High priest Gore remains the icon of choice and high priest of doom for our rabids, to which none may question. Despite the ever mounting evidence against his film (not documentary, most rational humans would agree that a documentary should be based on fact) of biblical disasters.

The best piece of CC devotee logic is when a devotee is presented with the fact that the world climate temperature has been falling since 2002, that fact is dismissed as a “blip’ and the disaster will continue as normal shortly and just proves the robustness of the model. Now if negative evidence to theory is to co opted to prove the model, what exactly does it take to make the devotees question God Gore and his minions. It does remind one of the back flips and twists all of our major religions have gone though as science exposed their myths and fantasies one by one. Never the less the gullible and weak minded still cling to their dreamtimes and Gods of small spaces, rationalising every discovery into their beliefs rather than face the world on its own terms.

Back to big AL, how many times can we show the same falling chuck of ice, drowning bear or waves washing up on that poor little villager? Problem is five years ago, as we were bombard with the poor villager show we were assured within five years the seas would have risen ½ meter (ok some said 2m but lets not tease the disabled) higher than now…OOPS..hasn’t happened..bugger! That poor villager has probably realised by now and long before the rabids, that it is not a good plan to keep animal cages in areas prone to King Tides.

The Stump also notes that the Rabids tend to brush over the fact that whilst the Artic ice may be retreating, the South Pole ice fields are increasing in depth and spread and have continued to do so over the last ten years (which will kinda bugger up, the rising seas calamity).

Oh the headaches of being a leftist green. Pity them for they need our help.

Oh a couple of other interesting things that fell out of the Yale-Columbia project. On a scale of one to hundred on forest protection, Brazil who has traditionally been blamed as the villain in forest destruction scored 86. Indonesia achieved yet another infamous first and managed a well deserved “0”.

Disclaimer - The above should in no way be read as support for the proposed Indonesian Nuclear Power Plant piece of insanity. A government needs to be able to at least drill a hole in the ground, stops its capital city from flooding every year and killing its citizens or fly a national airline safely before moving onto reasonably technical things like Nuclear Power

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