Wednesday, July 02, 2008


Have not been sleeping well at the Stump. Perhaps like Will (The richer I get, the nuttier I am) Smith, we are searching for the answers to life’s trick questions:

Is Will Smith a Scientologist and why should we care?

Why is the opinion of two minute human popcorn actors so valued?

Where are the Loony Leftists and peaceniks traveling to Zimbabwe and tying themselves to polling booths to ensure freedom and the rights of Zimbabweans.

Why do the loons only act like leftist moronic peanuts when the US is involved?

Speaking of hypocrites, how many Muslims died in the Sudan this week and what was net reaction of the Muslim world?

Is it because they are Black Muslims that nobody gives a rats?

Who actually believes the demonstrations in Jakarta and the recent harassment of minorities/ethnic groups in Indonesia is not part of a wider political agenda?

Who in Indonesia does not know the puppet master and why do Indonesians fall for this game time and again?

Who else thinks it’s morally and intellectually repugnant to have a stinking rich bastard on a Climate Change Committee when thousands of people are being forced from their homes due to his mad (man) made ecological disaster?

Oh well back to sleep……zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


Silverlines said...

Good Lord, you really are lacking sleep.
I like the puppet master bit, by the way.

But don't we all like playing God most of the time and enjoy deciding who is supposed to be the scapegoat and who the hero is, in peace and in war?

Jakartass said...

"Who in Indonesia does not know the puppet master?"

Me? Although I've got loads of guesses and don't believe it's just the one person. See my post on the National Awakening Committee.

As for the rich bastard, are you referring to Gore? What did he do?

And if not he, who?

Or is this just more hooee from the Rantmaster?

Sweet dreams, O.

GJ said...

Hey Stumpy why not be on the Climate Change committee, just in case there is a commercial angle that can be exploited and better still, self interests to be protected.
How the F*ck could that be wrong!!!!

Just remember if sea levels do rise due to "Global Warming" we made need a constant source of "mud" to build higher ground.
Just a thought.

oigal said...

Silverlines.. Thanks..playing God..oh i dunno a minor demon perhaps..

J... Gore..oh no...If it was Gore I would have said ..Lying Media Junkie Bastard... and hooee..of course!!..What do you think you are reading...Wall street Journal??