Sunday, July 27, 2008


Still part of the Church of Climate Change Clunkers, you may wish to reconsider before you meekly hand over another $50 an airticket so QANTAS can promise to plant a tree in outer buggermedeadaztan..

Remember the super cyclones that were coming to destroy the east coast of Australia and wash dem meter maids into the great melt.

Ooops here's a quick graph of cyclone activity of the past 30 years or so...Is it the Stump or is the trend...

Speaking of BUGGER..If will be fun watching the explanations of the below sat pictures which show more Arctic Ice than this time last year (should we mention that they are having the coldest year on record up that way..or is that just teasing the disabled again)

The question remains when can we stop these ineffectual intellectual wanks and start putting some of this wasted money to where it can really make a difference to peoples lives and environment. Things like access to clean water, human rights (hard to give a damn about the blue whale, when the bloke next door wants to burn your house down because your GOD wears a different dress to yours or you are stupid enough to insist that your government is accountable to the people (rather than be elected on the strength of their moustache).

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