Saturday, March 28, 2009


YOu would think poor old Indonesia has suffered enough natural disasters and people (?) in authority who leave you gobsmacked with the weird, wacky and/corrupt. However, just when thought it was safe to read a newspaper..

By MARGARET NEIGHBOUR (The Scotsman Newspaper)

INDONESIA'S health minister wants to end vaccinating children against meningitis, mumps and other diseases, because she fears foreign drug companies are using the country as a testing ground. The controversial minister, Siti Fadillah Supari – who first drew widespread attention by boycotting the World Health Organisation's 50-year-old virus sharing system in 2007 – said she wanted scientific proof that injections against illnesses such as pneumonia, chicken pox, flu, rubella and typho
"If not, they have to be stopped," she said, declining to say exactly what that would mean. "We don't want our country to be a testing place for drugs, as has been the case in Africa."

Ms Supari said she still would advocate immunisations against measles, polio, tetanus, hepatitis B and tuberculosis.

Her statement comes as Indonesia struggles to contain outbreaks of preventable childhood illnesses.

Cases of measles, tuberculosis and other diseases have skyrocketed.

The Stump thinks the reporter is being paricularly polite refering to the "Controversial Health Minister". The story is being reported world wide (usually under the wacky news section) and Indonesia takes yet a another leap forward in world opinion. It would be funny if it didn't concern children,s lives...Where on earth do they get these people cannot be easy.

Oh and those of you who value style of substance..don't forget to turn off your lights for an hour tonight to herald Earth Hour (You can sneak out and dump your garbage straight into your nearest river in complete safety then). If you are looking for the Stump..look for the "light on the hill"


GJ said...

I s'pose her catching some debilitating disease is remote, I can always hope.
Maybe the election will see her ousted, I can only hope.

oigal said...

Ouch GJ..and here I was feeling a little guilty for zapping her the same week her husband died..although safe to assume he didn't die from lakc of immunisations.