Friday, March 20, 2009


Been a busy week at the Stump as we are lucky enough to control (like to say own but that’s a subjective point in Indonesia) a nice corner block. At last count 23 different political posters and banners have been consigned to the weekly bonfire (consider it our contribution to global warming).

Thinking of running a sweep on the time between removing the eyesore from private property until some ignorant flog bag decides to desecrate our private property again. Was a hoot yesterday, sat on the porch for two hours drinking a nice cold beer watching these industrious little beavers erect a huge monument to some potential thief’s ego. The look on their faces and howls of protest was music to our ears as the moment they finished we calmly walked down, picked up our prepositioned tools of destruction and produce another 30 minutes of fire food.
NB. The stump probably wouldn’t recommend this course of action unless you are sure about the strength in numbers . People do tend to get a little hot under the collar.

Meanwhile more pieces of filth have been charged in Kalimantan for corruption, in this case stealing millions from funds meant for the poor. Well seeing how Kalimantan (One of the richest, if not the richest province in Indonesia) had a number of children die of malnutrition and neglect over the last 12 months, the stump thinks if justice was fair these filth would be charged with murder not corruption

Speaking of Global Warming or is it Climate Change, the stump has been traveling a bit of late (hence the slackness in blog updates) and is please to report no missing Islands..mmm been six years now since big Al's told me the Maldives could disappear with a decade..should be good surfing over the next four years then.
Anyway the election is coming and don’t forget..


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