Monday, March 30, 2009


Some have accused the Indonesian Parasitical Political Class of not having gumption (or perhaps a genetic inability to feel shame). That would not be the Stump who thinks a democratic nation gets the political class it deserves (one of the downsides of democracy.

Never the less they make good stories, hot on the heels of the Indonesian Health Minsters “jaw dropping” child immunisation conspiracy theory, comes the latest in classic political behaviour at the expense of those who have lost everything as result of disaster when a dam wall collapsed in South West Jakarta. Those utlimately responsible for the welfare of the people bizarrely flocked to the site of their latest abject failure for photo opportunities. Srange creatures indeed!

Reportedly (and based on previous experience, probably accurate) no effective maintenance has been conducted on the dam since the days of the Dutch, yet one piece of government plankton had the nerve to refer to the incident as a “natural disaster”. Natural disaster my great aunts fat arse unless you mean it’s natural to ignore the safety of the people you are supposed to representing as you nose around the trough in search of yet another unearned dollar.

The sheer nerve of Indonesia’s political elite to turn up at the site of such misery and promise aid and assistance after years of neglect lead to this situation is astounding but unfortunately all too common. It is noted this occurred in the same area they had funds to hire people to conduct raids and arrest women deemed “unescorted” but apparently no funs to inspect dam walls?

Speaking a sheer effrontery, the world’s smallest Vice Prez managed to creep the stump out again.’s probably just us here at the stump, but doesn’t he remind you of Chuckie the psycho doll, we have nightmares at the stump about peering under the bed one night and seeing a diminutive, bug eyed, little demonic VP Chuckie, stabbing a steak knife into floor screaming “short time marriages are good for tourism” and “democracy is just a means to an end”.

Sorry we digress. The Stumps recalls gulping (and then laughing) upon reading how a number of political parties were planning to use planes (hired using funds from where..don’t ask). In justification, they had the nerve to state the “ The road and rail infrastructure in many provinces is just too poor to be utilised” No Shit Sherlock..One wonders why!

The Stump can’t help but feel that if every elected and campaigning official was banned from using anything but public transport (and especially no charter planes or siren flashing police escorts) perhaps something might be done about the abysmal state of public transport in this country.

Still in yet another advancement on the “I HAVE NO SHAME” file, Jakartass enlightens us more on who profits from these sleazy little deals. See his Election Fever post and
do pop across and have a read to check out that other piece of fine humanity running for President going under the name of Prabowo, not the Stump's first choice of moniker for the bloke thats for sure..

With some personal experience in Tim Tim, it stuns the Stump how some people can ever look in the mirror in the morning let alone run for public office.

Perhaps it’s time to start an honest party for the people
(But at least we promise to kiss you before we F*CK you)

To be truthful, we might keep Chuckie on. He would be good for a laugh and those dwarf trowing competitions at the post election party.

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