Monday, March 23, 2009

Sydney Airport Death

Flash News...

Mayhem erupted at Sydney Airport today resulting in one man's death after a crowd of people finally erupted into violence after been forced to take off their shoes and remove their laptops for the 117th time prior to entering the departure lounge. Doctors said it was only a matter of time before normally rational human beings reacted against this daily insult to their intelligence.

Airport Security Offical Rasamad Wherethehellisbondianyway said "To subject people to this level of insulting treatment day after day in the name of security whilst paying no attention to the very real security risk posed by unchecked multiculturalism was a recipe for disaster, but if you dumb ozzies are stupid enough to give security jobs to unqualified people more fool you"

It has always been the Stump’s opinion that

“Stupid is the ultimate non-prejudicial human trait”

Following the beating to death of a man in Sydney’s Domestic Airport in broad daylight, Premier Nathan Rees, the Premier of New South Wales and home of the most inept government in recent Australian History has brushed off concerns of lax security at Sydney Airport, 24 hours after a man was executed in one of the airport's public terminals.

Say What??????!!!

A man was beaten to death in broad daylight in the major domestic airport in the country and some moron states there is no security problem...The plankton feeders rule again!

Of course, the fact that the security guards at the airport disappeared during the trouble is no surprise. Earning minimum wage and with no training beyond harrassing travellers and tourist does not encourage a real interest in throwing your life on the line when a real security issue arises. The redneck in the Stump yard also questions how much loyalty do you show a country that has been your home for less than couple of years?

The Stump’s last trip to the sunny climes of Australia was a series of trails with barely literate, English as a second language, pompous twits in pretend uniforms demanding to know my purpose in coming to Australia (Have a look on the passport twit, I was born here..yourself?) or demanding “Take off the shoes and remove the laptop from the bag mate in broken english” (Firstly, lets establish some facts..I am not your bloody mate nor ever likely to be!).

Well past the time Australia adopted the Singapore Model, fully armed professionals to provide security instead making peoples safety a part of the English as a second language employment scheme.

The Stump would like to make it clear that no blame should be attached to the “Security” Personnel not should any be inferred. The Stump would be buggered if he was going to front up to 15 (?) odd “men on a mission” for the princely price of the minimum wage rate with all the training of Woolworths bag checker.

What the issue highlights is the complete disaster that occurs when Government bean counters and other morons (Is that redundant terminology?) decide that replacing trained professionals with minimum wage “rent a cops” represents sound security policy.

One dreads to think what would happen if had been Indian Style Murderers instead of “thugs on a mission”

Premier Rees...Please return to planet Earth or return the taxpayer funded wage you are slushing around in.

On a different note...Which island nation has disappeared this week due to rising sea levels and gloabl warming? None...oh bugger me blue and call me Gore.

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Marc, the Stump appreciates your comments on the Airport incident however the Stump also supports freedom of thought therfore your Catholic Tinkerer (or whatever it was).... website is offensive to anyone who opposes the religious extremists in the world (Of any creed) and therefore if will be a cold day in hell (couldn't help ourselves)before we would provide any oxygen to such a site...thanks and say hi to the big guy for us.