Friday, July 24, 2009

STUMPS ARE LOW BROW (or they wouldn't be stumps)


Apparently the Stump has offended a reader with the Stump's habit of mmm...shall we say descriptive terminology when discussing things, people, organisations that annoy, repulse, sadden us. Intriguing because the said “annoyed” comments over at the RAB Experience rather than here which seems to be taking the non-confrontational approach a bit far in this instance.

Oh well, the Stump has never made any pretence at being politically correct and/or overly polite and mostly the blog is the Stumps opinion of the day (which may change tomorrow, so pay attention). Where actual facts are concerned, the Stump does try to be correct and will always correct a post if proven factually incorrect. A Stumpy opinion on the other hand is a constantly changing creature, fed on years of obnoxious right wing leanings with a healthy distain of authority or others who think they have the right to f*ck in other peoples lives.

However, in a very VERY pale imitation of the Stump’s writing heroes (Try PJ O’Rouke, The Melbourne Truth, Andrew Bolt) the stump reserves the right to call a worm a worm and spade a smelly, maggot ridden carcass.

Personally it is the Stumps “OPINION” that Indonesian Media is far too polite particularly when challenging obviously critically bizarre statements from public figures. Look at the repugnantly easy ride that the various conspiracy loons are getting in the aftermath of the bombing from some sections of the media. Don’t get it wrong, the Stump supports free speech even from loons but the media has an obligation to challenge these twits and make them look the fools they are. In fact, in a democracy the media has an obligation to be critical, questioning and hard arse, they are after all the front line of defence for the people. The Alternative is eventually opinion is not allowed and people are under threat for mere thoughts.

As for Politicians, the Stump comes from a background where all politicians are at best purely on this earth as media fodder and to be used as such, it’s the only way to keep the buggers honest. Unfortunately it would seem the culture of “born to rule” is too readily accepted by both the Politicians and the media in this country..(Seriously..Did anyone watch the Presidential Debates?) and how on Earth does one get away with saying “SWINE FLU cannot exist in Indonesia it’s too hot” without serious guffaws from the media.

MEANWHILE HAVE FUN IN THE LO BROW ...Nearly time for crack at the those other thought police, the climate change cultists.. You know the ones who turn a pretty colour purple when you say "Excuse me I have a question on this climate change thingy"?....


scrumpie said...

Ah I feel I know you better now. Well enough even to criticize when I feel the need. I take this post as an invitation for mild invective. This is not a warning mind you - I would say you are the type to chide a warning of any description.

By the way the media (2 TV channels) today incurred the wrath of the KPI for being vulgar.. showing a severed head and how to make a bomb...

goodness knows what the stump thinks of this aspect of the media here?? You've got to admit , apart from the TV debates, the tv media has been giving it heaps. The others seem to be following e.g. detik.

oigal said...

"Well enough even to criticize when I feel the need."
Please do, enjoy a robust "to n fro" as long as rises beyond the inane.

Local media..generally fails to ask the hard questions or put the idiots that exist on the spot. Having said that the protections for the local media are very poor and favour the rich n powerful..IMHO the form of errors of fact are welcome..other kinds are contemptable.

scrumper said...

HOw are you and Andrew taking the news of the recent more rapid melting of the Himalayan glaciers? No, dont answer that one. Just testing the waters!!

By the way, neither of us can spell as well as Rob. What's that say about us??

oigal said...


The news..I are you taking the news of reported increases in sunspot activity that may indicate a significant cooling over the next 10-20 years as part of cyclic process..
Interesting point...which do you think has more chance of success..Co2 reductions by all countries (including China and India) or agreement to provide "one of" funds to ensure clean water to the worlds population?...Its a matter of reality vs nice to have dreams.

Ah spelling..tis the bane of the emotive tome..

scrump said...

Sadly those who reportedly came to Jimmy Castles regular Friday breakfasts must have thought someone knew something about how this place works. I get the impression you are underestimating the level of your "accurate" knowledge.

I also get the impression Indonesia never wants to do anything in a real hurry - even growing up/bigger. That's been not such a good thing from the perspective of the last few years.

Rob Baiton said...

Good to see that you fellas have made some formal introductions.

My spelling is fine.