Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Is it the isolation or muddled brains from watching crows fly backwards to keep the sand out of their eyes? Western Australia seems incapable of producing anything like responsible government. Over the past twenty years, the rest of Australia has watched with befuddled amusement as one scandal after another took root in the land of beaches, babes and buffoons. Nothing was too much for our inbred cousins over at the Englishman’s Florida, graft, cronyism, chair sniffers we had them all.

Yet through all this a certain respect perhaps even envy existed until we saw the pinnacle result of inbred, factional politics which produced a Premier which has left the rest of Australia gobsmacked at his weak kneed, craven and pathetic response to the arrest of Rio executive Stephen Hu this week.

Check out this piece of dim sim speak from the former Western Australian Premier (or should be) Colin “YUM CHA” Barnett when addressing a business group in China:

“China is more important to Australia than Australian is to China. And as Australians and people working and representing Australian business, I just urge you to be very conscious of that.

“I do have a concern that the amount of attention that this issue is attracting could in some way damage the long-term relationship between Australia and China”

Kinda of old fashioned perhaps but the Stump would have expected something like

“ Perhaps China should actually charge this bloke with something, provide access to a lawyer and just for good measure what’s the chance of actually proving this isn’t just a primitive little “gotcha” from the sad little dictatorship who is miffed because Rio scuttled their plans to scam/own a significant portion of the Australian Resource Industry.”

BTW Australia doesn’t need China, nice to have but there’s always another buyer and always will be.

Here’s a free tip Barnett you boot (sandal) licker! How about standing up and representing Australians instead of groveling on your knees to a murderous regime of thugs and bullies. In short… “GROW A PAIR”

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GJ said...

Pea brains (pollies)are just so use to trying to appease the masses failed to recognise where their bread is buttered. Maybe they watch too many sunsets sinking into the sea in WA that the old grey matter has just seeped away.