Saturday, July 18, 2009

Jakarta Bomb - Not Terrorists Just Scum

Lost a friend yesterday in the Jakarta bombings, not a close friend but never the less a friend and a mate. The kind of bloke who was always happy to see you, no matter who you were or what you did. He was always willing walk away from whoever he was talking to or stop whatever he was doing just to say hello,nice to see you.

Unfailingly polite, he always greeted and treated everyone the same, from the girl serving the dinner to the Director of the largest firms in Indonesia. Never would you see the arrogant flick of the fingers for more service because he thought he was more important than the next bloke. A gentleman by any yardstick.

We last spoke whilst watching both Indonesian and Expatriate kids playing Australian Rules Football and he was planning to come and spend a few days over in the Stump’s side of the country, I guess that won’t happen now and that is our loss.
He will be mourned by many and his loss will be felt by many more people who will never knew he was responsible for so many good things that happened in their lives.

I never knew his religious beliefs as it never mattered but for the Stump his death at the hands of pig-ignorant cowards who cloak themselves under a religious death cult that offers nothing but pain and suffering to all, is a blight on all those who profess to be believers. The BS that the Silent majority does not share some of the guilt just doesn't wash, these babi offal don't exist in a vacuum without support, passive or otherwise.

Unfortunately Cowards could not exist without the continuing “arabisation” of Indonesia culture and the Stump is the first to admit feelings of nothing but utter contempt for those pseudo arabs dressed in the lazy man's white sheet and the anorexic beards that are so prevalent in Indonesia today. Indonesia remains a paradox, making huge strides in personal freedoms and quality of life and yet Indonesians continue to tolerate such vile scum and their clerics in their society. For yes there were foreigners hurt yesterday but far more Indonesians died and the impact on so many more will be felt as investment and business confidence flees the nation. Do the cowards care??

Terrorists far too grand a name for the scum, people do not live in terror as a result of these things. They bring sadness and dismay but Indonesians have dealt with far greater tragedies. Better described lowlife, cowardly murderous scum who along with their supporters both passive and active offer nothing to humanity and deserve nothing but our collective contempt.

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tikno said...

What you mean with "arabisation" of Indonesia culture, as I read in this article.