Saturday, November 21, 2009

Climate Change Dogma

The thing about Global Warming, Global Cooling, Climate Change (Insert your fear point here) is the sheer nonsense spoken. The Stump is not a scientist is it really to much to expect that someone says “hey hang on” as time and again politicians seeking the meaning of life and loony social engineers continue to spout their particular agenda with no call to accountability.

The Dog Catcher cum Australian Prime Minister KRudd on November 7 told us Storm surges and rising sea levels put at risk over 700,000 homes and businesse by 2100, thanks to unchecked global warming.

Environment Minister and Power Dresser Penny Wong on November 14 told us almost 250,000 homes, now worth up to $63 billion, will be “at risk of inundation” by the end of the century, under “worst-case but plausible” predictions of rising sea levels.

Ok, so in a week, 450,000 homes are no longer at risk or are we just making this sh*t up as we go along?

Has anyone else noticed that only cute puppies and butterflies are rendered extinct by Global Warming? How come funnel web spiders, cock roaches and other nasties never get a mention? Not heart rendering enough perhaps?

Now the Stump is all for the environment but does anyone seriously believe the current toss in Copenhagen will be anything but anti-western grandstanding by developing nations and a publicity fest for a bunch of green policy wonk politicians.

Already Indonesia (along with the usual suspects) has its hand out for a bunch of cash, Africa virtually as whole has demanded its contribution to saving the environment is to load plane loads of cash from loony western governments as they continue to destroy the whole African Continent in a orgy of greed, corruption and abuse.

Seriously, does anyone think that providing another barrel load of unaccountable cash to these basket-case nations will save one dang tree?
If we are to be serious about improving the environment perhaps it is time to be serious and stop the drongo guilt aid to unaccountable governments who have made no attempt to better the lives of their people and their environment.

Quick reality check..If we donate 1 BILLION DOLLARS next month to the following countries:
1. China
2. India
3. Indonesia
The difference in 5 years would be?
Then why bother?

Oh and by the way, do ask your next raving social engineer to direct you to any graph that demostrates a warming of the earth since 2001...Oh Oh.


anong said...

Looking at jakarta's temps lately mins of 24 light winds and max's of 34, countries will be cueing up to get the pollution protection that this city has. What do ya reckon?

oigal said...

Me I think Jakarta is a Cesspool of pollution, greed, selfish, self centred people and represents everything that is wrong with Indonesia today and would not be missed by anyone. But hey thats just me

moni said...

you must have read this, and wryly or even smugly smiled


Sent: 29 October 2009

To: The Knights Carbonic

Gentlemen, the culmination of our great plan approaches fast. What the Master called ''the ordering of men's affairs by a transcendent world state, ordained by God and answerable to no man'', which we now know as Communist World Government, advances towards its climax at Copenhagen.

For 185 years since the Master, known to the laity as Joseph Fourier, launched his scheme for world domination, the entire physical science community has been working towards this moment.

The early phases of the plan worked magnificently. First the Master's initial thesis - that the release of infrared radiation is delayed by the atmosphere - had to be accepted by the scientific establishment. I will not bother you with details of the gold paid, the threats made and the blood spilt to achieve this end. But the result was the elimination of the naysayers and the disgrace or incarceration of the Master's rivals. Within 35 years the 3rd Warden of the Grand Temple of the Knights Carbonic (our revered prophet John Tyndall) was able to ''demonstrate'' the Master's thesis. Our control of physical science was by then so tight that no major objections were sustained.

More resistance was encountered (and swiftly dispatched) when we sought to install the 6th Warden (Svante Arrhenius) first as professor of physics at Stockholm University, then as rector.

From this position he was able to project the Master's second grand law - that the infrared radiation trapped in a planet's atmosphere increases in line with the quantity of carbon dioxide the atmosphere contains. He and his followers (led by the Junior Warden Max Planck) were then able to adapt the entire canon of physical and chemical science to sustain the second law..............

Jakartass said...

Don't worry, O, Jakarta will inevitably go ~ nd much sooner than I first thought.

I give it 25 years.

oigal said...

No Doubt about it "J". My point exactly, how much does Carbon from Australia have to do with Jakarta Sinking compared with greed, corruption, totally inept civil and environmental governance. Why should anyone in world assume any sort of responsibility for Jakarta's (Indonesia's) self inflicted woes? Can anyone point to any environmental actions by the crocodiles that reflects any serious attempt to preserve or repair the Government.

oigal said... the government or the environment