Saturday, November 07, 2009

Firefighters and global warming

Now the critics of the Rudd Government in Australia said that following the election of these drongos would lead to a rash of UNION claims the like of which drove Victoria broke in the 80s...Now that is just unfair..

"MELBOURNE'S firefighters should be paid extra for turning up to work sober, according to a log of claims by their union.

The Victorian branch of the United Firefighters Union is also calling for a "global warming allowance" for the city's 1600 firefighters, "in recognition of the increased work and risk to firefighters as a result of global warming". It is also demanding extra pay for firefighters if they have to work when a pandemic is declared."

So let's see if the Stump has this right?

Melbourne Fire Fighters want allowance not to turn up drunk at work and allowance to fight fires?

Mmmm How about a counter proposal..You turn up drunk, youre fired. No Fires No Pay. Sounds fair to the Stump.

One has to feel sorry for the real firefighters forced into joing this union run by morons.

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pj said...

How amusing. Certainly no lack of imagination on the part of unions when it comes to getting more for less.I wonder how they are factoring the risk of global warming into firefighters injury statistics. Is there even a basis for correlation?