Monday, November 16, 2009

State of Darkness

It’s highly amusing watching the denizens of Jakarta moaning about Power Outages and infrastructure failures. What the hell do they think the provinces have been putting up with for years?

Diddums, Jakas! The reality is you cannot hide the failing infrastructure, inept management and graft forever. A lot of very ugly and angry chickens are coming home to roost. Jakarta's spoilt elite has managed to avoid the issue for years by sucking the last available resources from the provinces but even that little goody bag is running dry. Never the less, in a variation of the "let them eat cake" mindset of the rich and arrogant, the Stump doubts the worms in trough realise will how bad things are until it is way past dark.

As a matter of interest, has anyone noticed despite the perilous state of power generation this has has not stopped PLN Power Brokers from getting their nice new shiny cars. Wouldn't it be wonderful to see the last ten years of Power Generation Infrastructure Contracts be "GECKOED"

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