Monday, May 28, 2007

Australia Labour Party and CO2 again

Time for a quick foray into OZ politics again, we see from the picture that the Australian Labour (ho de ho) party is up to its usual standard, with dear dead beat Julia sitting down to enjoy a biscuit with Union Hacks and washed up pop singers. Yep any doubt about the economic direction under labour has now been answered in picture form (on the plus side my USD exchange rate should improve).

In a classic piece of political stupidity, Kevin Rudd (Labour Party Leader)who has been castigating the current government for months over the use of Australian Workplace Agreements (AWA's sort of a personal contract between employee and employer) was woken up by this on the weekend....(ho ho ho..sorry it hurts so much laughing)

"LABOR leader Kevin Rudd faces a new assault over workplace flexibility in the wake of revelations his wife's company employs all her 800 staff under individual contracts and profited from finding jobs for workers to be employed under AWAs"

"Although Mr Rudd has stressed that his wife's company never employed staff under Australian Workplace Agreements, it was revealed yesterday that the company had matched vacancies with jobseekers who were in some cases offered jobs under AWAs, which the Opposition Leader would ban if he is elected prime minister.

Ms Rein confirmed an overseas arm of her company was seeking to recruit German engineers to fill vacant mining jobs in Australia using the controversial 457 visas that Labor has targeted as exploitative in some instances."

See todays Australian Newspaper if you want more details on stupid.

Still on stupids, I had the misfortune to be caught with a lack of reading material on a trip this month and had to resort to that latte sipping supplement Jakarta Kini. If ever there was a magazine dedicated the idle wasteful this is it. In a idle wasteful moment, I confess a quick perusal, only to burst out laughing at one of their regular contributors. His name is John Q something or other. Fair Dinkum, you have to wonder on what planet some of these people live.

Poor JQ, starts with lead in "Climate Change" (soon as you see that title, you know its going be an interesting, factual article) and rapidly runs through the usual boring wank. US and Australia bad because they did not sign the K protocol and Australian ..heaven forbid has the highest per capitia CO2 emissions (of course the fact, that even if Australia stopped producing every single atom of CO2 tomorrow, it would reduce the world output by....wait for it....less that 1%) then manages to fit John Howard as a ultra right wing Prime Minister (oh please) and some how combines the ozone layer as a desert topping for the article.

If you want a great example of woolly green thinking, do grab a copy of Jakarta Kini this month (p.s no good for Kitty litter, too shiny).

Meanwhile, do let me know when someone wants to get serious about this global warming thing, rather than using for a bat to belt the West. It will mean of course, that any new treaty will need to include the worlds great polluters, China, Indonesia, India rather than a wealth transfer mechanism for those to greedy too stop defecating in their own backyards.


Achmad Sudarsono said...

Hi Oigal, Just a suggestion for you. Seeing as the 'West,' actually a byword for just 'industrialized countries dominated by anglo saxon and judao-christian cultures,' has been industrializing for 200 years and Asia's really just got kicking, how 'bout we swap ? Tell you what, seeing as you think China and India should be penalized, here's an idea: all the coal-fired power stations in the U.S., Australia, and U.K., close down and the equivalent in China, India, and Indonesia be allowed to operate ? Then the amount of carbon emissions remains the same. Fair ?
Point is, Oigal, me mate, if you thin global warming has anything to do with the human industrial footprint, the developed world has greedily eaten more than their fair share of the pie. (As well as defecating in their own backyard). That is, of course, unless you think global warming's just a myth dreamed up by those bastard lefties and I'm a hairy-armpitted myth (miss) who can't get laid.
But go ahead: Snip Away.

oigal said...

No I didn't snip this time moron, because your comment is just too stupid to file as toilet tissue this time.

"Then the amount of carbon emissions remains the same. Fair"

Fair..maybe... STUPID..for sure!!..because even at that rate under..mmm.. lets call it the Moron Plan we close attention now, I will say it again..WE ALL die anyway.

Yep you are right the west did take more than its share over the last 200, 5000 whatever years so to be fair the underdeveloped nations should make the smae mistakes..doesn't matter they die as long as its FAIR? ...

p.s. What colour is the sky on your planet?

oigal said...

Oh and Bu Ass mad,

Next time you get your fat white arse handed to you on a plate as you did here at Unspun's

Don't come snivelling around here or you will get your arse kicked until ya nose bleeds as well.

Rosie said...

Thanks for writing this.