Monday, May 14, 2007

From Breadbasket to basketcase

After having seen their work up close, I am not a big fan of the United Nations . With some very notable personal exceptions, at best the UN could reasonably be called inept, corrupt and nothing more than a talkfest (and I do excise WHO from this assessment, which has done some remarkable things for humanity over the years).

However the UN does provide grim amusement (?) from time to time. The latest in grim insanity is ZIMBABWE has been elected to head a key UN environmental commission. Despite ruining its economy and being under sanctions for human rights abuses, Zimbabwe was elected by a 26-21 vote and will replace Qatar as the head of the UN Commission on Sustainable Development.

Sustainable development???????? An inflation rate of 2200% unable to meet more than 50% of its food needs for the coming year and an 80% poverty rate from a country than was once renown as Africa's bread basket. What the hell is going on in the UN, I can only assume WHO is trialing new drugs within the UN.

Sheesh next thing you know.. they will be appointing countries who cannot guarantee human rights activists will not be murdered on their National Carrier to the human rights commission.

The more it goes on the more, the more stump thinks perhaps its time for a new Organisation with entry requirements based more on actions rather than political correctness. For those that don't like it .., those who cannot get entry, those who suddenly find the money trough has dried up, ...stiff..get your act together or complain to the UN, the stump is sure they will write a very mean letter to someone.

Later in the week, the stump will keep with the insanity theme and discuss the latest howlers from temple of stupid, the Indonesian Nuclear Support Agency (ok..I forget the actual name about "the office of shallow thought"). However as taste, check this out for a quote gushing from the office of shallow thought in support of a Indonesian Nuclear Power Industry.

“Many Asian countries frequently affected by earthquakes such as Japan and Korea had long been developing their own nuclear power plants. "

Gee there is so much wrong with that sentence its scary! Perhaps we should also compare Japan and Korea's air, rail and sea transport industry as well just to see how far we need to go before we start playing with things that kill people for thousands of years. Still more later..


johnorford said...

the way i see it, it makes perfect sense.

get the guys with the real knowledge to head up those committees.


north korea on human rights -- genius!
no one better than indonesia on corruption.
pakistan on nuclear proliferation.
burma on worker's rights!!!!!!!!

oigal said...

Hi Johnno,

Well I guess if you look at it that way, they do bring a certain amount of real life experience to the job.

Still I am big wraps for a updated
"coalition of the willing" (not the war kind) but a club of nations who respect human dignity and share aid and support on that basis. No one forces you to join or take the any support but if you want it you must at least meet the basics in caring for your people. And it ain't a free for all, arsehole nations need not apply!