Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Howard and the Loony Left

Wow..they are everywhere! Must be the rutting season!

Back in oz, the last few months all the talk has been about the upcoming election and how Prime Minister'sward's Government will fall. Naturally, the very thought of John Howard being defeated has the loony left in an absolute orgasmic lather of anticipation.

As usual however, Howard sat back and waited for the Opposition Party (Australian Labour Party..a misnomer if ever there was..perhaps Australian Public Trough Party would be better) to self destruct.

Lo and behold, Julia Gillard, the Opposition's workplace relations spokeswoman (who's main claim to fame seems to have never had a job that was not funded by other workers), warned business it could be "injured" if it chose to become a propagandist for John Howard on industrial relations.

Gotta love that election strategy, threaten and black mail business in the run up to an election..but wait there's more..

Ms Gillard said that during an election year, the political contest was a "pretty hard, fast place to be".
"It's a contact sport, if you like, with a lot of injury," she said. "I don't think it's a wise place for Australian business to be out on the field in the fray getting those injuries on the way through."

You can read the rest of the article in today's paper

Julia, our little public funded, protected koala bear you are about to find out just how rough the fray can get! Could you be more stupid telling the nation's industry and wealth generators, they should have no interest or say in an election year.. Who should be free to have the only opinion? Little leftist dreamers, knocking back lattes at the public funded university, perhaps the worn out, "public" broadcaster hacks or maybe a aged, compromised pop singer? ....

For those that hate John Howard, get ready for a few more years.. Don't blame us voters, blame the loons who provide no choice!

Julia and the rest of the loony left, this is for you from the real world, where people have to have access to jobs and work for a living.

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