Sunday, April 05, 2009


It is the opinion of the Stump that a mature democracy (as opposed to one that has billboards of candidates dressed in Green Lantern costumes) more often than not get government they deserve.
That being the case then Australia’s collective insanity in allowing the ear wax chewer Prime Minister Krudd has really bitten the pig.

The pretentious little twit was relegated to an also ran on his recent visit to the USA with the great black hope Obama spending as little time as possible with the Krudd from down under. Krudd the legend in his own lunchbox then found himself seated in Outer Barcoo next to Ethiopia at the G20 gabfest (Is there something slightly sickening about an a bunch international trough feeders suggesting that other people have too many peeks and bonuses?)....Mmmm What is the correct plural term for a group of politicians?... a mob..a murder..? a flock...The Stump is voting for a "CLUSTER" as in Cluster-F****

Meanwhile China must be rueing the day they chose him as their Manchurian Candidate with his absolute lack of influence on the international stage. (Had to love the recent interview in the USA where the Krudd mentioned China 20 times and Australia 6..mmmm)

Closer to home his demonstrated own personal cowardice in verbally abusing a female defence force steward and reduced her to tears after he didn’t get the meal he deserved (despite the airforce ringing his office three times to confirm the meals he wanted).

Of course, the Krudd lied and tried to deny the incident happened until the weight of witnesses overwhelmed him and his troop of kid minders. The only sad part is that the Captain of plane didn’t land at the nearest airport and put the petulant child off until it learned some basic manners.

The Stump can only say...What a pathetic little pissant! The Stump has no time for bullies and less for those pieces of scum who abuse women. "Why don't you try with someone who can hit back coward"!

From the OZ..

Kevin Rudd's initial denial of a mid-air outburst towards a female RAAF cabin attendant, before his eventual admission that it happened, was further evidence the Prime Minister "only tells the truth when he is forced to".

The Prime Minister's office initially denied Mr Rudd had berated the attendant on a trip from Papua New Guinea to Canberra because his requested meal had been unavailable.

Asked yesterday about reports of the incident, Mr Rudd said he had "a discussion with I think one of the attendants about the provision of food" which "didn't last very long".

The Australian Newspaper


GJ said...

This seems the trouble with Pollies these days and maybe in the past as well. They think that their not accountable to anyone, and their first reaction to any criticism is to deny, deny & deny. Then a load of spin when the denial falls flat.
What!!!do they really think we'll all stupid.
He should be happy he got any food at all. My recollection from travelling RAAF Airways is grab a popper of OJ and a soggy sanga (made the day before, BTW)from a box on the tarmac just as you climbed aboard.
Go hungry!!! many other kiddies have too and not by bloody choice either!!!!!

oigal said...

mmmm GJ ..Serviceman as well..huh..which arm?

GJ said...

Oigal, I was in the smart arm of the services for an NCO.

1 arm sends off the enlisted as cannon fodder while the brass sip on tea. "Take that hill/beach/machinegun post there, boys" as he calmly points to the map while taking another sip.

1 arm throws all in together, in one big mother of a bomb/torpedo magnet. "Quick!! turn this boat around now!! and full steam ahead, we need to out run this missile at 20knots" Good luck with that!!!!!

1 arm just doesn't trust the plebs with the expensive equipment therefore sends off the brass to be shot up.

So me, I had the pleasure off saying "see you if you get back, SIR" with a smile, all the while based miles from any real danger.