Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Like the great Ozone hole was going to destroy us all, Y2K that was going to have o microwave ovens attacking babies in cribs and the ever great population bomb, Global Warming (ahem..climate change..sorry) appears to going the way of all the other chicken little theory’s so worshipped by the greens and the left in their ever diminishing circle dance in search of relevance.

There has been many a golden (carbon free) chuckle at the shenanigans of the left/green ribid coalition as progressively more people have dared to commit heresy by questioning the Religion of Climate Change and its poverty inducing dogma. The sheer effort and blind faith they put into their topsy turvy computer models and demand we beggar ourselves at the alter of cap n trade is even more amusing when someone happens to mention “aren’t you the same guys who have hurled abuse at the conservatives for putting so much trust in computers, predictive models and risk analysis that brought us the Global Credit Crisis. By the way...that’s a crap theory as well but another post..look for Oigalnomics 101 coming soon.

British newspaper The Observer this month published prominently a story with a photograph of breaks in the Wilkins shelf.
"A huge ice shelf in the Antarctic is in the last stages of collapse and could break up within days in the latest sign of how global warming is thought to be changing the face of the planet," the story began.

Of course what they failed to mention was the following :

“In March last year, US news agency msn published the same photograph with a similar story that began: "A vast ice shelf hanging on by a thin strip looks to be the next chunk to break off from the Antarctic Peninsula, the latest sign of global warming's impact on Earth's southernmost continent." The photograph was published by numerous other outlets, including The Australian.

A spokeswoman for the British Antarctic Survey said the photograph in both stories was taken in March last year.”
Now it may be just plain British Unionised Laziness but the Stump seems to think that if things were as dire as the Rancid Greens (remember Al Gore’s ten year disaster time frame..tick ..tick ..tick) then surely there would be a veritable mountain of iceberg calving pictures to use rather than run one 13 months old (and neglect to mention the actual ice coverage has increased to levels not seen since the 50s.

Unfortunately for many in Australia, those poor souls in places like the hunter valley and the various manufacturing industries have had their generations of donkey voting for the Australian Labor Party rewarded with mass unemployment and finding “cold” comfort in the “ hollow but soothing promises that decarbonising the economies of the developed world can be achieved without pain, and even with gain of green jobs”

Want some more heretic viewpoints try here.

Oh just in case you may think Stump is over heating the issue...

For a more up to date revelations on the Religion, do seek out Al Gore's Movie again (ignore the fact a British Court has disallowed it's teaching in schools as it requires way to much faith over fact). Watch it for yourself but do take note of the date the movie was made, predictions made, time that has passed and the reality..It's great fun..sort of a Jet Jetson in fat clothes future world that never happened.


Anonymous said...

anon is back.... on ur comment about pensioners and pollies I definitely agree; but how do u explain the increased popularity of the NSW govt??

oigal said...

Who knows...Seems the Australian Voting Man (woman) has suffering a collective case of the stupids..although once the reality hits home these cash handouts have to be paid sooner or later, perhaps the shock therapy will knock some sense into them.