Tuesday, April 21, 2009


The evil litle troll from Iran has struck again and in the process confirmed the urgent need for a revamp of the United Nations as a forum for commonsense. What complete lack of intelligence would lead anyone to allow Iran and in particular the tiny tyrant tick to be a keynote speaker on the topic that goes to the very heart of human rights.

Iran's Joke President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad used his keynote speech at the UN anti-racism summit in Geneva to launch yet another inane and factually incorrect (Did the Stump say factually incorrect, the troll would not recognise a fact if one snuck up behind him and bent him over like a goat at a Iranian Bachelor Party) ranting tirade against all things Western and Israel in particular.

Although the Stump has to admit that President Obamamania is growing on us (if only to watch the left squirm as their great black messiah turns out to have feet of republician), The Stump still thinks the best idea to come out of the Amercian Presidential Debates was that all reasonable nations and democracies should walk out of the United Nations and create a "League of Democracies"

It would be amusing to watch the troll and his ilk spreeing forth their bile upon themselves for a change in the decaying, bankrupt pile of hatred the UN has become in pandering to pissant petty tyrants. Meanwhile the saner nations of the world could get on with making life better for the rest of us. Far to much time and tolerance is spent on people (?) who wish the rest of us nothing but ill will.

Of course our own President SBY has never been real selective in choosing who he hangs out with, does he have a thing for Dwarfs?

In closing all the stump can say is..."What-ever happened to the sport of dwarf tossing!!... Now that would have been funny watching the western delagates trot down the podium and garb the little toad...and.."


Anonymous said...

Can dwarves reply to your comments??



Rob Baiton said...


This post seems to have inspired a comment from an anonymous poster on my blog.

Congrats! :D

oigal said...

Anon..of course..although little people comments are goign to be nasty I guess..seeing how I maligned them

oigal said...

Anon...Oh and I assume the comments will be in lower case?

oigal said...

Hey Anon,

Do Little People have names? Nick names or short ones are ok here..

anong said...

sorry I was trying to say that you are a bit too caustic at times.... today I saw a blind man on the street, being helped thankfully.

oigal said...

Caustic??..As compared to a horrid little troll that denies the holocaust ever happened, calls for a whole nation to wiped off the map, sponsors murderers of women and children and yet is invited as a key note speaker at the "United" Nations?

Ok was being a be nasty to the "little" people but pretty sure they (don't really care what the easily offended frauds think) would understand the insult was towards the Troll of Iran not others.

GJ said...

Hey isn't "stumpy" a dwarf of some kind?


Anonymous said...

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