Friday, April 10, 2009


Well the first round of the Indonesian Elections are over and it appears the Democrat Party (Current President SBY’s party) has done exceptionally well. It fact the “Dems” are sitting at about 20% of the vote well ahead of the nearest rival Golkar (the party of Suharto) at 14%.

Interestingly, if the “Dems” can garner 25% of the vote then they would be able to nominate a Presidential Candidate in their own right. This may allow SBY to shake off a common image as a nice guy (albeit like many ex-generals with some dark skeletons in the closet yet to explained away) but a ditherer. Many think the “ditherer” tag was a little unfair as previously his low political support base despite a huge public support base meant he was hamstrung by the need to compromise with any number of lobbying factions to retain the presidency.
One outstanding ray of hope for Indonesia is if the “Dems” can gain over 25% of the vote then a interesting option would be for SBY to reject any attempts to place dubious dwarfs as his running mate for Presidency. One idea already being floated is

“reformist Finance Minster Sri Mulyani Indrawati as Mr Yudhoyono's deputy at the presidential polls.

Dr Mulyani, a brilliant technocrat, brings very little party machine or voter support of her own, but would massively buttress Mr Yudhoyono's continuing reform image”

The good doctor has shown significant courage in taking on the old and new elite and would certainly bring much need backbone to the presidential chair. Although making some classic blunders in her recent reforms and having an ego the size of the Monas statue, she certainly seems to have the country’s interests at heart which is a refreshing change from the majority of self seeking parasites in the DPR at the moment.
You can be sure that the “Mud Brothers” and the parasitical elite will be doing everything in their power to ensure such a union does not come to pass but if it does it may well herald a new beginning and brighter more mature future for Indonesia.
On another pleasing note and demonstration of the increasing maturity of the voting public, The combined vote for the Islamic Dominated parties was at an all time low as people realised that domination by external agencies and ideologies does not equate to a better life for their children.


johnorford said...

u can't ignore that it was the "secular" parties that brought in the porn law... every party is becoming more "religious", prob why pks etc aren't so popular anymore.

oke said...

yeahhHH... I wish SBY - hidayat nur wahid

oigal said...

Hey Johnno,

You have good point, and unfortunately it appears SBY will still need to cosy up to the cave dwellers to retain power..a shame and a it makes you wonder how many more chances Indonesia will get before its too late..

GJ said...

The Rup is up, the Stockmarket up 5.1% someone thinks SBY is a good thing. I do agree with your assessment, I have been saying that for a while given my limited political knowledge of this place.
I do think the Finanace Minister is on the better side of average too!!

Jakartass said...

Maybe the one honest politico, Sri Mulyani, would be better, not as a figurehead, but in her present post. She is a good technocrat prepared to overrule vested interests for the good of the country.

I can't say that about Kalla.

However, I like the thought of her becoming President in five years time.

Incidentally, did you note that Taufik Kiemas, Megashopper's greedy hubby, failed to get elected? And Adam "Airhead" Suherman's dad lost his seat.

Whoopie cushions nearly all round.