Wednesday, April 15, 2009


The worst airline in South East Asia (bar none), the Mangy Roo is once again showing its sheer arrogance to the Australian Public it has systemically ripped off over the years.

The latest in the saga of this government protected dinosaur is the laying off hundreds of workers and off-shoring hundreds of other jobs whilst continuing to exist as a national joke at the travelling public's expense.

Now the Stump is a champion of free enterprise and the free market. However, the moment you stick your hand out for tax payer cash and exist in a protected market then you lose (or should) lose the right to out source Australian Jobs.

Nor should anyone feel sad for the mangy roo's woes! Travellers may recall how QANTAS ripped travellers off, year in year out with domestic travel until Virgin forced their way into the market. A story on it's own right is what what happens when socialist business models run amok and use the combined weight of government protection and shady airport access deals to ensure free enterprise start-ups fai.

Blaming the "crisis" for QANTAS's falling profitability is highest order fertilizer!

Perhaps the flowing rings a bell with travllers:

1. Using planes that the Wright brothers built.
2. Fares schedules that would make Ned Kelly blush.
3. Service that is more applicable in a Pysch Hospital than on a national airline (Sit down, shut up and maybe I will sling you some gruel).
4. A board of directors that has about as much knowledge about the airline industry as Kevin Rudd does to good governance.

Anyway, VOTE ONE STUMP for PM..

First letter:


Really sad to hear how your profits were down this quarter and you will have to lay off all of those workers and off shore other jobs. One would have though you had built a sizable reserve on your fuel levy you slugged every passenger well after the prices had come down anyway. Oh you will forgive us if we sound a little terse we still remember your $600 dollar return fares Melbourne to Adelaide (an hours flight..were you serious?). I guess that was needed to fund all those government lobbists and other hangers on, too bad we have banned them from the lodge.

Oh well, as you know we at the Stump are big believers in Free Markets so feel free to lay off and out source to your hearts content. If you could be so kind to forward the CV's of those workers to our Commonwealth Employment Agency (or whatever we call it this week) as I sure many positions will be opening up now that the "protected domestic and international routes are to opened to any airline who means our safety standards. We hope you do understand that you are literally on your own now. However, We are sure those countries you have outsourced the jobs to will be falling over themselves to take over the role of the australian taxpayer to prop you up over the coming years.

Kindest Regards From the Stump..

P.S. Don't bother sending CV's for the in-plane waiters, they really would need far too much training to reach international standards in most cases.

P.P.S. For Pete's sake, repaint that repulsive Aborginal Art Plane. It brings a bad name to art and to Aborginal design.

Disclaimer.. The Stump refuses to fly the mangry roo any longer, prefering airlines such as Singapore Air and even Garuda for long haul flights.

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Rob Baiton said...


Gotta say that my most recent service experience with Qantas was pretty good, as in no complaints.

Nah, corporate issues and other stuff still leave a lot to be desired, right?