Sunday, January 18, 2009


Must be the week for Heros!

The Captain of a US Airlines plane saved the lives of 155 passengers when he managed a "perfect" water landing
on the Hudson river after his plane hit a flock of birds on take off.

"Crew interviews also confirmed reports of how the Sullenberger refused to leave his sinking plane until he was sure everyone was safe.

"He was very concerned with the count of the passengers,'' the flight crew told the NTSB, Higgins said.

"He wanted everyone accounted for. He returned to the plane a couple of times to check no one was there. The captain was the last off.''

Indonesian Ferry Captains and Crew (and other responsible for peoples safety) may wish to note the bold type above.

Speaking of the lastest ferry disaster, why isn't the Transport Minister under investigation for criminal neglect of duties? Did anyone in Indonesia believe the first reports made by transport ministry officials that the Ferry WAS safe and not overloaded? As usual, the poorly trained surviving crew will be jailed for a little while, the owners and governement will deny any responsibility and the useful idiots will protest about issues they barely understand on the other side of the world whilst their own countrymen are slaughtered on the alter of incompendence and greed.

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Rob Baiton said...

What's more the black boxes and cockpit recorders bear out the accounts of what went down (no pun intended) on the day.

I guess rivers are more favourable than oceans when it comes to water landings.