Thursday, January 22, 2009


The overfed, under smart galah who demonstrated how far evolution can regress in a generation by his behaviour to an American President recent news conference in Iraq has requested Political Asylum in Switzerland.

Trivia Pursuit Question Number 1..
What is the home address of the last person who threw a shoe at President Saddam.....?


Answer ...Sorry, trick Question..dead people don’t have addresses.

Via his lawyer (?), the poor little zipperhead has complained “ I am at the mercy of all manner of extremists,'' the lawyer said, adding: "He can no longer work as a journalist without suffering terrible pressure... his life can become hell in his country.'' (The Stump bets zipperhead and the Kurds could just swap hardship stories..not!).

In that breathtaking hypocrisy that lives and breathes in that region, we may recall that The zipperheads action “was hailed across the Arab world as an ideal parting gift to a president widely unpopular in the region.” And yet he seeks Asylum in Switzerland..

Gee, wonder why not Saudi Arabia, Syria? Wonderful warm countries all well known for their tolerance to journalist critics. Like so many of the frauds and losers all too quick to moan about the evil west..but wave a free pass and get killed in the rush.
Well the Stump hopes the clock and chocolate makers of Switzerland will forgive the Stump if we presume a response on their behalf...

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