Thursday, January 08, 2009


Hi All,

Please except Stump wishes for a safe, tolerant and happy 2009.

The citizens of the Stump have just returned from a short break from reality (or was that to reality) looks forward to annoying you all again this year.

Indonesia and the world has kicked off in its usual insane way ….

The Bakrie boys have risen from the ashes (or mud) as can only happen in Indonesia proving once again that doing business in Indonesia is like walking through a hall of mirrors.

Two teachers in Aceh were arrested for inviting some Muslim Students to their homes to celebrate Christmas in the fine tradition of religious tolerance and understanding so oft touted by the powers that be.

The Indonesia reputation for interesting court room decisions was once again on display with the news that an Indonesian court has acquitted a former spy of charges that he murdered Munir Thalib, an outspoken critic of the country's military, by poisoning him with arsenic while on a flight to Europe.

Meanwhile on the international front, the grand Obama experiment has developed feet of clay with the news that his previously held senate seat was up for sale as is the procedure for (apparently)the murky world of Chicago politics. The Stump looks forward to hefty belly laughs as the world's media tries to excuse their armchair ride to power they provided as more of the story comes to light.

The Middle East has erupted into violence again with HAMAS and Israel ensuring as many people as possible experience maximum suffering to start off the New Year. Indonesia’s own Islamic Fringe Groups (The Islamic Version of Lenin’s “Useful Idiots”) have been generally calling for further bloodshed and mayhem proving once again that passion and ignorance make such fine bed fellows.

Gunna be an interesting year..


pj said...

Its nice to see you have retained your sunny outlook for 2009. Happy (although somewhat dry) New Year Oigal!

oigal said...

Thanks PJ,

Happy New Year, The Stump is please to report that alternative supplies have been found to reduce the history has proven time and again, prohibition only creates a market for the inventive.

Always a sunny outlook :-) thats why the blog..dumping ground for all the grumps and nasties that would otherwise make us nasty in real life

rima fauzi said...

Happy New Year to you too!!!

hope this year brings us more assome.. err.. i mean, awesome things..

tikno said...

Interesting post!
But I feel sad of the quote from Lenin: "Useful Idiots"

oigal said...

Hi Tikno,

Sad because I used the term, because they are or that the stump has it wrong?