Wednesday, January 21, 2009

This is not a Obama Picture

Aggh! New computer and new virus thingy me bob and now the Stump cannot post pictures...stinking technology..

Still they say a picture is worth a thousand words...

"A thousand words"

Bugger it ..didn't work!!

Oh Well... Meanwhile is it just the Stump??? Or is this Obama Rama more than a little scary! Why is the Stump reminded of that silly religious right movie (Is there any other kind of religious based story) where the smooth talking anti-christ becomes President?

And just to be provocative..Who thinks he would have been elected if wasn't the left cute vision of the articulate but harmless black man?

Back to serious issues and things that matter, can anyone tell me why the little box that techo cripples like us click on to post pictures has disappeared from the create post screen?

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pj said...

The funny thing is the media have been irresponsible in building up an unhealthly expectation in Obama's government and how everything will be cocktails in a few months. Ultimately, when he fails to meet those expectations (he is only human) they will turn on him like wolves. It will be interesting to compare the plaudits with the criticisms 6 months from now.

Bout your computer...sounds like a vista thing...stick with xp.