Wednesday, April 02, 2008


(picture pinched from Bastards Inc Blog..ok ok I promise a left wing blog link when I come back)

Well..away again for awhile tomorrow (yea..I know..I am confused and PO as well).

Probably not a bad time, the highly offended are highly offended again!
So I will leave you all to the Wilder’s film (Wow didn’t he work the PR machine nicely). Saw it the other night, not sure what the fuss is about, pictures of people claiming to be Muslims, blowing people up, and cutting off heads accompanied by various religious quotations. It has been noticed at the Stump that no-one actually declared any of the information false (so far) just out of context and insulting (which seems to be the catch-all excuse of all time). Seems to the Stump, the people that should be the brunt of the angry is the “lowlifes” who provide such easy material for people such as Wilders.

Kind of bizarre to see Wilder’s banned from Indonesia, but people like XXXX get the Red Carpet treatment. Then again, the Stump heard Wilder was not planning to come unless he could fly Garuda anyway, so he was still waiting for the EU to lift’s its ban. This just proves how unreasonable this man can be. We have better things to do here than worry about practical real life stuff like that.

Oh well, not like we can expect to see commonsense and logic whenever any religion and politics gets involved…

Still, We should be quiet now, as my own spiritual advisor Guru Bob once told me:

“If you are going to criticise someone, first you should walk a mile in their shoes…………………….That way when you criticise them, you are a mile away and you have their shoes”

We seek the Guru’s advice on all major decisions and journeys, on a lighter note he had this to say before our upcoming trip to the lair (liar) of the accountants:

My children, although it is written in the book of counted sorrows

“when one door closes another door opens… ............Far better to go out though the window ...Don't use the door,its just a sneaky trick,

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GJ said...

Here's a tip!!

only use the window if your on the first floor.

Hey take out some of those bean counters for me and all of mankind.

Good luck