Tuesday, April 01, 2008


Oh Bugger!! Just when we had sold the beach house moved to the mountains!! Now they tell me the great global warming swindle really is a swindle. You know this has happened before you know. We cornered the Hug Boot market for the great ice age that was due in the 60’s (with a brief come back in the eighties). Nailed the Weetbix market in preparation of the great starvation of the 90’s, fairly cornered the market in anti-personnel mines (thanks Dianna) to stave of the hordes coming over the fence as part of the population explosion disaster that was going to engulf us all.

So now I am left sitting on hill-top with hug boot wearing, weetbix (which also bizarrely describes the supporters of these decade long scams) protected by a phalanx of anti personnel mines (Which also reminds me of the Black Adder sketch – Baldrik “What do we do now we are trapped in a minefield” Black Adder “General Rule of thumb is to throw ourselves a 100 feet into the air, scream aaaagh and burst into a million pieces”).

The Australian Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (with a name like that, you just know it’s a great taxpayer funded department straight up) has reported that over the last ten years any so called increase in the earth’s temperature has plateaued based on research since 2002 using the NASA AQAU satellite. If you go back to 1998 the temperature has in fact decreased (oh oh..time to shake the weeties from the Hug boots?).

This cooling is happening even though there has been a huge increase in CO2 emissions in last ten years over previous years, thanks primarily to countries like China, India and Indonesia..

It would appear that whilst increases in CO2 and other pollutants have an effect on the weather, ol Mother Earth’s weather is rather more robust than some thought and tends to compensate rather rapidly.

Of course, the sceptics amongst us always have trouble with the rants of the rabid greens. The Sydney Morning Herald recently reported that Australia imported four billion plastic bags weighing 22 Million tonnes (the inference being that all these bags were to be force fed down the rare green backed, blue striped, mantra rayed sea turtle by evil capitalist organisations). Sadly this piece of alarmist rant lost some of it’s effect, when some wag pointed out based on those figures each bag weighed 5.5kg..That’s one hell of a plastic bag.

Then of course we had “Earth Hour” nothing like symbolism over substance. Huge claims the effect of the Earth Hour was equal to shutting down two of those evil power stations ..blah..blah..blah..

The Sydney EARTH HOUR, a fractional dip followed by more power used in total than the previous night...

I did love this clip from the ..ANDREW BOLT BLOG

David Solomon, a finance PhD student at the Chicago University’s graduate school of business, crunched Sydney’s power figures to exclude seasonal and daily fluctuations, and concluded… “the drop in electricity use during Earth Hour is statistically indistinguishable from zero.”

For regular readers and complainers that blogs should be all sweetness, light and widgets he makes a good read on how to write a blog on current affairs. Be warned fairly right wing and contrary but never the less a favourite.

Oh another little titbit, Mal Bough the ex Australian Minister for Aborginal Affairs spoke the other day at function and reported the commission for the stolen generations found evidence of sexual abuse at all 45 communities invesigated as part of the report (not some, not the majority but all). Kind of puts a different slant of the removal of children from such environments doesn't. But hey what a few kids in the big picture after all.

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