Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Is it time for a rant!!!

…blame Rima
Rima made a comment on my previous post about Chastity belts, and the Stump for one agrees 100%. If fact, the more thought given the issue the more the blood boils at the Stump.

Now apparently under the new electronic transmission laws, we can’t call public official names no matter how much they deserve it (cute law in a democracy hey?). However the Stump assumes (and only assumes) that we are still allowed to have an opinion therefore it is the stumps opinion the instigators of the chastity belt plan are beneath the Stump’s (and every fair minded persons) contempt.

This age old, religious based monkey sh*t that women are the source of all evil and us blokes must be protected from them beggars belief in this day and age.

Yes, exploitation of women (and in some cases, sadly children) is rampant in Indonesia but a chastity belt ..Get Real!!

How about addressing the root causes of such issues!!!

What does the woman do when she is abandoned by the layabout, no hoper husband and she still has kids to feed?

Someone please explain to us, why so many lowlife’s get away with abandoning their families, when every person has to have a Identify Card (KTP)? It’s a joke and it’s a (small minded) man’s world!

How do the vast majority of women get a decent job when the whole society is structured around absolute reliance on the male bread winner?

What emergency relief centres are provided for battered or abused wives?

What hope have the new generation of women got, when a decent education remains the privilege of the elite few?

Chasity Belt indeed!!! A belt is needed but it ain’t a chastity!

I remain confused, a dodgy film in Holland can raise protests in Indonesia but the actual oppression of women like this barely raise an eyebrow. If a public official had even suggested this in the west, he would have been hounded out of office with 24 hours of such an utterance.

As soon as the Stump catches up with technology (which could be awhile), there will be a new section to the blog called "Why doesn't the world take us seriously?" obviously the Chastity Belt will be an entry along with the life sentence handed out to the bloke who waved the (illegal) Maluku Flag in front of the President along side the entry of gaol term for those who shoot judges!...sheer classics..all day every day!

There will also be weekly quiz section (how do you do those box thingys?

This week's question:

On the recent Adam Air Crash, the pilots were busy trying to fix a piece of faulty equipment that had failed in the previous there months:

a. Never

b. One Time

c 10 Times

d. 154 Times

e. 10,000 Times


rimafauzi said...

it's sad how puny dicks are allowed to roan about free without restriction and make laws, too!

apparently women is of no value in indonesia. blame the puny dicks, blame the religious fundies.

the life sentence for the bloke is really mind bloggling. 3 years for a rapist, but life sentence for a flag waver! hail hitler!

the answer to your question is:
a googllion times.

oigal said...

"blame the religious fundies"

I always do..

Actually the answer is 154 times ccording to Tempo..which begs the question..who is more deserving of the life sentence, the flag waver or the idiots who allowed such gross errors of maintenance to continue?

Back to "religious fundies" if there was a God, the fundies would have all been on that plane.

Anonymous said...

It seems that you agree on whatever Richard Dawkins says about religion: Blame religion for all bad things in the world.

Which is a stupid thing to do, to say the least.

Here is a more nuanced view of religion, if not a more accurate one.

Rob Baiton said...

kindred spirits?

It is nice that Indonesia wants to be this bastion of virtue in the big bad world of vice.

Yet, the idea of starting with regulations regarding the forbidden fruit is all so archaic!

If I am not mistaken, at least in the Christian tradition, this has been done before and involved eating an apple! Didn't work then and it won't work now!

oigal said...

Anon, Hawkins ..You flatter me thanks..
Blame religion for all the bad things in world..seems a good place to start, their bag of nasty is pretty full and of course if the central premise that GOD is almighty and runs the whole show..then by default she is responsible for the whole dang mess..

Rob..yep...sad and dark ages stuff

Therry said...

Don't forget Dewi Persik; she is being used as a decoy by a certain number of "officials" to distract the people from the real problems.

It's the Pilkada season and it's time for them motherfuckers to kiss some ass.

The chastity belt is one of the things they THINK will win the nods from the people.

Wrong, so wrong.

oigal said...


Too right, although I must disagree with you in one area

"of the things they THINK" Personally I reckon if these morons ever have orginal viable thought the bloody thing would die of neglect"

Anonymous said...

I don't know whether you should feel flattered or not.

The thing is, Richard Dawkins is a scientist. And he worships scientific methods. But, in his latest book on god and religion, he is more like a fundamentalist than a scientist: He ignores all the research about the evil and virtue of religion.

He turns to be an ignorant fellow, which is really shameful.

oigal said...


"research about the evil" that would be some research seeing how its a concept/value not a thing..unless of course you are using the excuse of some nasty little "satan" myth to justify being less than good to your fellow humans.

Probably save you some time..No point preaching to me about the virtues of religion..the bad far outweighs any good..

As someone one said..mankind is stuck with Gods of small spaces..with every scientific advance..the scary little places of myth, ignorance and the unexplained that GODS need to exist become smaller and smaller...(which of course tends to push the supporters of the cults to violence as rational and religion are strangers at best

Anonymous said...

I am an atheist like you, but I still acknowledge the scientific findings about the evils and virtues of religions

You choose not to.

The thing is, being a religious fundamentalist is as miserable as being ignorant about science :)

Preaching to you? Not at all. I just feel annoyed by your ignorance, perhaps like the way you feel about the stupidity of the religious fundamentalists.

rimafauzi said...

oigal, check out my latest post. some very "virtuous" examples of what a religion does. ;)

oigal said...


Yep I guess I must be ignorant about the "scientific findings about the evils and virtues of religions" (got a reference) as its beyond me how you can apply a scientific process to a subjective concept..never the less my ignorance doesn't demand anyone accept my views nor does it inflict pain and suffering on I can live with that and therefore there is no comparison.

Rima..yep I will go n read now