Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Treespotter wrote of his concerns that the Stump was setting a record for Penis Posts. The Stumps official position on this is well, SIZE DOES MATTER.

However in the interests of Occupational Health and Safety and in accordance with the newly government mandated CSR policies, the following is a public service announcement.


rimafauzi said...

dude, size doesn't matter (so much).. it's the motion of the ocean that counts!! lol

penis, schwenis, what a great post to drive more traffic! ;)

oigal said...

Operational details are critical but presentation, presentation, presentation..

Yep good traffic post..but how could not post that picture..blame GJ upping the stakes with his lego dildos..shheeesh

Anonymous said...

Mr Greenstump - I am back, via another route (they blocked my access to blogs (now why would they do that???).
Love this one, very funny - every mother should print this and put on <3 year old boy toys and their husbands.
Chastity belts - your not kidding, my reaction was similar - I can't believe it is real, and what they deem to be a solution -unbelievable. This country sucks for poor women.

oigal said...

Hey Tracey..we have missed ya!!

Yea the penis warning is bizarre..although personally (at risk of revealing to much)..
The experience at the Stump is not so much what you put into your penis but the other way around..

Chasity Belt..sigh.. I to think I got a shellacking recently for daring to suggest that too mnay Indonesian men treat women like sh*T..the defence rests

rimafauzi said...

Well, you've a penis post, GJ has a dildo post, my latest one is "cocks,cum and porn for women" so much for being listed in your 'classy' blogroll, huh?

Jakartass said...

Thanks for adding to our etymological knowledge: I've always wondered why copulation is sometimes called 'screwing'.

GJ said...

Hey...........Not my fault you were lego deprived as a child/man.
'spose a penis is always a good substitute for a toy, when you have nothing else.
cheers GJ