Monday, April 07, 2008


Zinnnnnggggg!! Just dropping a line during a 7 hour wait in Singapore Airport (Changi). Still if you have to be stuck in an Airport then Singapore is up there with the better ones.

Everytime I am stuck in Singapore airport. I cannot help but wonder what Indonesia’s elected no-hopers think when they scurry through Singapore on their latest scams, no embarrassment? No shame? It can’t be that hard to have someone clean the toilets, Singapore can do it.

On the plus side arrived Singapore Air, the head wallies wanted me to used QANTAS but that will be cold day in hell! I would use Lion before the overpriced, taxpayer supported mangy roo ..naggh I wouldn’t.. Garuda yes..Lying Airlines..What waste of airspace. Has Lion ever ever had a plane arrive or depart on time? Speaking of bad jokes...

Did you hear the one about the guy who walked up to a woman and said..

“Wow you are beautiful, would you care to sleep with me?”

Woman replies “Don’t be so rude, I am not that sort of girl”

Man replies “I am a very rich man, how about one night of passion for five million dollars”

Woman hesitates “Well..ummm..for Five Million dollars, I guess so”

Man replies “That’s fantastic, what about a night of passion for 20 bucks then”

Woman offended “$20!!! What do you think I am a.... cheap whore!”

Man replies “What you are my dear.. we have already established, now we are just haggling over price”

Why the old joke, just yet another Indonesian government official (lets call him Mr. Slime) was bemoaning his fate at being arrested the other day “Why are they arresting me, I only stole 3 million Rp (about $300)”

In greenstump’s opinion, Mr Slime you are worse that a corrupt, slimey little worm, you are stupid as well. Trouble is people like Mr. Slime and his corrupt cohorts taint every other government official. Seriously does anyone not look at a copper or government official and not think dirt!

This from a government who has the bloody nerve to lecture the rest of us on ethics and responsibility, sheer bloody nerve of these people (and we use the term loosely)is astounding! Speaking of nerve, I hear Roy the Indonesian government, self appointed, cyber king is planning a meeting with the widgets and willy – w… of Indonesian Blogdom to …buggered if we know..never got an invite but then again who cares. How many widgets to a post is not really big over at the stump.

It is amusing to see the so many of the puffed up tossers who seem to think they have the right to decide what is or is not acceptable on the net sell themsleves out for a chance to lick some/..... oops bit graphic...

I might go with is amusing to see such "a conga line of suckholes"....yessss pak...noo paak..

see yas

Have fun and do catch a movie…!


GJ said...

May the force be with you!!!!!!!

johnorford said...

great joke! :)