Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Another bunch of brain dead, socially inept, brain washed fools are currently in the dock in Australia for planning the murder of innocent people. Why on earth Australia and same many other nations persist in providing these bottom-feeders with same rights and privileges as Australian Citizens is beyond the Stump, however Citizenship, its rights and obligations is a post for another time.

In what would appear to yet another rambling, incoherent, hate filled rant it is alleged that accused Somali terrorist Saney Aweys urged a friend fighting in Somalia to "be strong" and declared that Australians were already "copping (it) hard, man" from Allah.

"Thanks to Allah, we say Allah bring the fitna (trouble), Allah bring them calamity," Mr Aweys said, according to a transcript of a conversation with Walid Mohamed Osman tendered yesterday in the Melbourne Magistrates Court.
"When the whole nation is coming down, first the economy comes down, first. By Allah, factories shutting down ... I've never seen Melbourne like this then fire coming to them, no water, the water storage is empty. They are copping (it) hard, man. Thanks to Allah."

Fair Dinkum, if stupid was a plane then attributing natural disasters to Allah as punishment for being naughty is the Spruce Goose of Stupid. Of course, we have our very own fools here in Indonesia telling all that will listen (which is far too many) that the disasters in Aceh and Padang were God’s punishment and it’s God’s Will that little children have to die. Which would, of course make him/her a particularly nasty and vengeful piece of work.

In regard to our alleged filthy little Somali Terrorist and his maggoty mates, for a Somali to be claiming that Allah punishes a country with natural disasters is beyond lunacy. Even by its own warped logic one can only assume that it has not received any post cards from that paradise on Earth called Somalia lately.

One cannot help but notice, like all these cowards maggots are happy to soak up the privileges that modern society gives them but unable to face the true challenge that life presents.. Suicide in any form is the ultimate act of cowardice as it leaves others to rebuild and carry on in the absence of the madness.

If our Somali morons really wanted a better world then perhaps their energies would have been better directed at helping their own nation feed, clothe and educate itself. However, we all know that would actually require strength, intelligence, fortitude, courage in the face of seeming insurmountable obstacles none of the qualities found in those who cower behind religion as they bring mayhem to others and take the easy exit from this one and only life.
Oh and spare me, you cannot blame the religion for these people.
If card carrying believers are so worried about the Image of Islam then its time they deal with these people before they get to this stage. The cry of victimization and prejudice runs a very poor race when socially inept idiots are running around screaming mayhem in the name of Allah. Are we to think that no-one else in their local Mosque knew or heard their extreme views before or heard them refer to the others as infidels or worse? This is an Islamic problem and until Islam and its self proclaimed leaders start to take responsibility for things done in the name of the religion then it’s a bit rich to claim offence.

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