Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Predators, Princes and Ponces

Predators, Princes and Ponces
The Stump is “slumming” it this week in downtown Jakarta, with it’s polluted yellow skies and rivers of trash and effluent.

Are humans the only species of the Animal Kingdom who so willingly migrate and find it acceptable to live on a cess pit? This of course makes an interesting counter point to the inane bleating of the developing countries as they juggle for position in the upcoming “grab for cash” climate change forums.

It’s endlessly amusing to watch how those nations previously trumpeting their advances and ancient civilisations are suddenly happy to declare themselves “developing” again once money is involved. Sadly this great concern for their own environment and the hand out mentality doesn’t seem to include actually getting off their collected polluted arses and do a modicum for themselves.

Say stop ravaging forests for the benefit of the known ½ dozen immoral bastards or perhaps a campaign to educate the people that treating the rivers that run through your city as a dumping ground for everything from plastic to offal is not the height of human intelligence.

P.S. (Anyone else notice, it’s now official the temperature has been dropping for the last eight years and a 30 year Cooling period is predicted)

Speaking of the more base attributes of the human (?) condition. The Indonesia’s reputation as the home of a more refined and civilised adaption of the Islamic Religion took another body blow when controversial self proclaimed (aren’t they all?)Islamic Cleric (???) Sheik Puji had child abuse charges thrown out at a court in Central Java today.

We all remember this particular 43 year old rock spider, who married a 12 year old village girl in a local ceremony. Apparently configuring a case to answer of “persuading a child to have sex and/or taking advantage of a person’s economic condition for his or her own benefit,” and under the 1974 Marriage Law for marrying a minor” was beyond the ability or morality of the courts and police involved which says more about the system than the spider himself.

Curiously, this hasn’t attracted the attention of those self appointed defenders of the name of Islam in Indonesia. These idiots have been too busy intimidating anyone who may be involved with the employment of an ex-Japanese porn star (?) in a fully clothed comedy to filmed in Indonesia. Still to be fair, no one has every accused that bunch of being overly clever or insightful. Lastest news, the fully clothed and adult actress in question has decided not to come until the country grows up. She may be waiting awhile.

Meanwhile, the Obamarama cheer squad continues to drive rational people insane with a bunch of Salmon Fishermen awarding President Obama the Nobel Peace Prize. Bizarre is not the word for this one, considering nominations closed 11 days after the Chicago novice took office as President. Probably a good time to start taking stock of the great black hope;

Close Gitmo – Nope
Peace in Middle East – Nope
A Nuclear Free Iran – Nope
Health Reform – Nope
Revive the Economy – Nope
Withdraw from Iraq – Nope
Secure Afghanistan – Nope
The cold realities of the real world verses clever use of a teleprompter are beginning to fray the Avengers Cape.

Back in Australia, Kevin (“I can speak Mandarin and they like me”) Rudd in yet another piece of craven forelock tugging acquiescence to China has refused to meet the Dalai Lama when he comes to Australia. Of course, this is from the same opportunist who said the previous Liberal Party Foreign Minister was a “bit weak “ for not making the time to meet the Dalai Lama (although it seemed to escape the earwax princes notice that John Howard had already meet with the DL on numerous occasions).

It’s galling to watch this craven excuse for a Prime Minister allowing a murderous dictatorship determine who the representative of the Australian people should or should not meet and talk to. Still the left has a significant history of scraping and selling out Australian Values.


GJ said...

Reminds me of the Discovery Channel Promo " The World Really is Awesome" or is that "F*cked Up"

oigal said...

Hey GJ..


Rob Baiton said...


It generally is not a cess pit when we get there. It becomes one while we are there and then we send some of our folk to go forth and prosper (and make cess pits elsewhere).

The Saudi's claim that they were going to need financial assistance as soon as 2012 was one of those moments where you just shake your head.

Now, on the self-proclaimed Syekh of handicrafts and child sexual abuse. Here's the thing, this was tossed on a legal technicality relating to a deficient indictment. The question is when the prosecutors get dealt a hand like this, "how did they manage to get the indictment wrong?"

The fella pretty much admits to the substantive provisions of the indictment, but argues he did not break any of God's laws.

Go figure. I wonder does this decision prove that even the courts are prepared to accept that God's laws are higher than the laws created by men and women?

And, that if God says what the Syekh has done is all good, then who are us mere mortals to argue the point?

oigal said...

It's simply amazing and perhaps an indication of just how of touch will the general populace the Stump is??

One would have thought dismissal of the case would have lead to a major outcry, but the silence if deafening.

Does this mean the people have so little faith in their government that that just don't see the point OR..They find this creepy freak acceptable?

Scary whatever option you take?