Sunday, October 25, 2009


A person who tells lies.

falsifier, perjurer, prevaricator.

The Stump should not be surprised but never the less is disappointed with Australia’s Current Foreign Minister Steven Smith statements on the political news program “The Insiders” this morning. Now everyone would know by now that the Stump considers the current Australian Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd a two- bob bully and the very worst kind of political opportunist who stands for nothing except his own personal advancement. However, Steven Smith has always impressed the Stump as an articulate, extremely intelligent individual which made his comments that he believed (paraphrased) that “Illegal Immigrants would be treated in a humane and civilised fashion within the proposed Indonesian Detention Centres to be run on behalf of the Australian people” even more repugnant.

It beggars belief that an Australian Foreign Minister would not know the conditions of Indonesian places of internment and the low priority placed on human rights and human dignity in the nation. To believe that mindset would change in a Detention Centre funded by Australia but managed by Indonesia makes Smith a unmitigated, immoral Liar or the person of such naive optimism he is not fit to hold a position such importance to Australia’s welfare.

Let there be no misunderstanding, the Stump is a strong supporter of absolute border protection and believes that a major cause of Australia’s current social woes is the blind support for the utopian nonsense that all cultures are equal. Never the less, the Stump fully understands that people will always try to enter Australia both legally and illegally generally as economic refugees. Obviously, these illegal immigrants need to be detained, reviewed and in the vast majority of cases returned to their places of origin. It is not and never was Australia’s role to be the guardian angel of the world.

However, all people need to be treated with respect and dignity. It is not unreasonable for a person to seek a better life for himself and his family. Therefore the process of detention and review should be conducted as quickly as possible in a place/s that provide decent accommodation, health care and security. Even the most brain dead, immoral swine could see that the “Indonesia Solution” would provide none of those basic humane requirements.

Jakartass,posed the question in a previous post comment “Did the Stump think SBY would accept the offer to act as Australia’s nation of choice for detention of Illegal Immigrants” (or words to that effect).

The answer of course, is Absolutely! The Indonesian "powers that be" must be almost wetting themselves with excitement at this manna from Heaven. Not only is the Australian Tax payer going to send literally millions of dollars directly into that unaccountable morass that is Indonesian government but they have provided the Indonesians with an unassailable point of leverage in every future discussion between Australia and Indonesia.

“Hey you Indonesians, about time you took human rights seriously”
“Hey Prime Minister, best you shut the “F” up or we will closed the detention centre and issue boats n maps to Australia”

"Hey you Indonesians, how about doing something about Papua"
"Hey OZ Foreign Minister, best you shut the “F” or we will release some pictures of your so called Indonesian Solution just prior to an election."



The Stump challenges anyone to honestly and with a straight face repeat the KRUDD’S statement that sending Illegal Immigrants to a detention centre in Indonesia is "balanced and humane and fair"

On another note, what’s the truth that Bakie Brothers and their cash cow of choice Bumi are exiting as fast as they can from Australian Company Herald Resources? Could it be that they found the attention of the corporate watchdog a little more than they are used to in Indonesia or just yet another fire sale.


johnorford said...

You're totally right on this one, the Australian govt is setting themselves up for a big fall - sooner or later...

oigal said...

Thanks Johno...Even the Stump should be able to get a rant right from time to time based on the law of averages.

Rob Baiton said...


No kiddies behind razor wire? Ummm, a little naive on the KRudd's part...